Dragon Age

Oh, and another thing I forgot to mention in my ramblings, as long as we’re automating things, can we do something about loot? Why do I have to wander around the battlefield waiting for creatures to drop their loot, sometimes for minutes, click on every one of their corpses even though my teammates are constantly getting in my way, and then click another button to take their worthless stuff. Then I have to manage it, because my backpack is soon full, and wander around trying to find someone to sell it to. There should be smart autolooting. I should be able to set it, automatically take weapons and armor worth x amount, or with stats at least this good, automatically take potions, never take scrolls, show me everything else… for example. First game to do that will be praised.

Also, I’m the freaking hero. I should have a lackey that can run my stuff to town for me and sell it. And a team of lackeys to carry my carts of gold. I don’t think item management should be such a major part of modern RPG’s. Try and make it optional game guys.