status report

I have a bit of time here so I guess I’ll to throw out a general status update for anyone who doesn’t get news about me from elsewhere. Or for anyone that wants a recap.

Big news I guess is my internship is disappearing. My last day is the 11th. I didn’t download porn or anything, so stop thinking that. The project just didn’t get enough money for me, so there you go.

“What are you gonna do?” you inevitably ask because everyone seems to. I’m going to chill out for a bit, then I will look around for things to apply to. Then I will apply to things and see if anyone wants me. Repeat until someone cool wants me. For you CS people out there you can keep and eye out for me, ya know, send me info on jobs and put in words for me, and stuff, if you want.

What else? Yusuke came for Thanksgiving. We hung out, ate some food, he bought a hard drive that he tried to leave at my house, good times. Mostly we hung out at the parents house and ate and played a few games, or we laid around my house and played Modern Warfare 2. I’ve been playing that a lot. I’m not really an FPS guy but this game is sucking me in so I’m going to try and become and FPS guy with this game. Get caught up on 7 years of not playing any FPS’s. FPS. If you have a PS3 and want to be my friend and play with me that would be good. I suck right now but someday I’ll be awesome and you’ll want me on your team. erosebe is my name.

My computer is still broken. I got the new motherboard but apparently it was not the problem. So I guess it must be the processor or the PSU. I was hoping someone would be cool and let me borrow a PSU to plug in and see if that fixes the problem, but nobody helpful seems to be around. So I don’t know what I’ll do. I might have to take the PSU somewhere and get it tested and if it’s fine then I’ll try and get Intel to give me a new chip. Warranty says 3 years, but I bet there’s some hoops. Might have to scrap the whole thing and start over. Hopefully not, though.

Lauren gets back at the end of the month. Yay for that. She’s going to come visit me for a bit before going back to college. I think that’s still the plan anyway. 😛 Haven’t talked to her in a few days cause she went to Scotland and saw Fiona and Fiona stole her internet powers or something.

That seems to be about it. I look forward to my free time. I’m hoping to do some coding on my own projects which I’ve never actually started. Maybe learn a new language or two. That’s probably the loftiest of my hopes. I also want to play a lot of video games, read a lot of books, start working out more than never, and start donating platelets regularly. First appointment is the 14th. (I have to donate more blood since I won’t have any money to give away)

That seems to be all for now. Come visit me while I’m unemployed. I’ll probably be bored and more willing to do that stupid thing you’ve been trying to get me to do.