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the rational minority

Disclaimer: I am aware that no one is perfectly rational, even me. However, it’s much easier to write in absolutes and to include myself as a rational person. The text written below is meant to describe situations in which scientific … Continue reading

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randomly annoying

K, you’ll have to follow the link to see the full size and actually read this, but trust me it says in the blurb, This rapid evolution of the Y chromosome has led to a dramatic loss of genes on … Continue reading

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We’re too nice for the alt, though.

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Haaahahaha… it’s funny cause it’s true

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My internet is so slow

Personal: I’ve implemented a new comment system.  It should be all fancy and stuff.  I primarily did it so you guys could comment using your facebook as a login as opposed to registering for something new.  Hope ya’ll enjoy it. … Continue reading

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Finally I think we can move forward

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