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12 steps

I have been annoyed by 12 step programs since high school when I first read the steps after hearing about how many people are sentenced to take them and their success rate (bad). Obvious breach of separation of church and … Continue reading

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PAX and stuff

Tomorrow is PAX! Big times ahead. Pat’s coming down today, and tomorrow morning we’re gonna head over the mountains and enjoy the nerdfest. The show is completely sold out in all it’s forms, and they bought the whole convention center … Continue reading

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Thesis: Ignorance is inversely proportional to cognitive dissonance among anti-vaccinationists

I’ve taken an excerpt from the most recent episode of Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe.  It’s only about 1.5 minutes or something, but it was humorous to me.  There are much funnier things in the podcast if you listen regularly, … Continue reading

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Ladies and gentlemen… Tim Minchin

I recently have been introduced to Tim Minchin, through the SGU.  His stuff is pretty excellent.  He’s got lots of things on youtube you can lookout.  I particularly recommend the following.

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