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Brevity is the soul of wit, so what’s infrequency the soul of?

Let’s hit the highlights you’ve missed. The weekend after the Kaitlin’s wedding Mom and I went back over the mountains to go to Steve’s birthday party (get Lauren). We did some family visiting and whatnot before we stole Lauren back … Continue reading

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things that have happened

Last Friday mother and I went over the mountains to the Seattle area largely to attend the wedding of Kaitlin Carr (defunct name) and Kevin McNamara. Lauren’s sister got married and we went. We also snagged Yusuke from Ellensburg and … Continue reading

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Steve’s future, my future

I have a cousin who’s a lineman for Michigan.  I’m pretty sure lineman is an accurate term.  Anyway, he get’s lots of praise, attention, and whatnot for his achievements in athletics, and I don’t begrudge him.  I am always inclinded … Continue reading

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