Public Service

Sidney came down for a day last weekend. With her mother. We watched one of the brothers play baseball. On the way home from the game the car in front of us got cut off by an old lady running a red light. There was a minor impact. It happened right outside a fire station, so the fire men came jogging over pretty quick. It wasn’t a real wreck, but it still counts as excitement.

And in the same vein Lauren and I saw a women being escorted from Costco by the police. She appeared to be Asian, early middle aged, and alone. Of course, we caught barely more than a glimpse of her and know nothing of the situation really, but we suspect shop lifting. If I were a shop lifter I don’t think I’d target Costco. Their tendency to strap everything together into 12 packs seems like good theft deterrent to me.

Pretty much every time I leave the house it seems the authorities have to intervene in situations around me. I will do my part to help society by staying indoors, maybe even in bed, as much as possible. You’re welcome.