Picture A Day

alternative year 33 day 1 picture (pecan pie)
alternative year 33 day 1 picture (pecan pie)

When I turned 30 I decided to start taking a photo a day. I save them in Google Photos albums. If you have the link they are available to you. I make a new album on my birthday each year, to avoid having one super giant album, but it unfortunately means more than one link. Here are last year and this year so far. I got a new phone a bit ago so the photo quality jumps up suddenly.

I am fairly strict about actually taking the photo each day. Occasionally I forget and I do a make up photo in those cases. Otherwise there aren’t many rules except I have to actually take the photo or be in the photo. There is one exception to that rule which is the first photo of this year, just cause I liked Lauren’s picture so much. Other than that I don’t have many rules, to allow for creativity. There are enough Pippin pictures without me further limiting myself.

I am putting, and will keep updated, permanent links to all these albums in the sidebar. If you are in one of these pictures and you want me to take it down let me know and I’ll consider it.

Gene’s diet

Way way back in 2003 I started writing down everything I eat. The record is still quite complete, however, it is not very scientific. So, the records leave something to be desired. Still, they are interesting, to me at least.

I’m happy to announce I’ve moved their database to this website. I’ve created a rudimentary view for the public. It will allow you to chart my eating habits, and filter the list. It’s not super user friendly yet, but it might improve. Please let me know if you have requests or if you find any errors (typos and the like) in the data. I will probably put a permanent link on the sidebar somewhere soon.


I climbed the Manitou Incline this morning. It has been my life long dream since when I heard it existed yesterday.

Top and Bottom
Top and Bottom

It took me about 42 minutes to get to the top, which is pretty good for a first time I think. I am not sure where exactly you’re supposed to start and stop timing so it’s not exact.

I was trying to make it a straight shot, no stops, but I couldn’t manage that. I had to take a few breathers, but I never sat down. I don’t think any of my rests were a full minute. It’s a pretty brutal little walk though. Still, my time was better than anyone I heard talking at the top, and I didn’t get passed by anyone I didn’t pass first or later. Although, some guys were carrying like 80 lb. backpacks, so that’s a bit unfair.

me at the top

There is an alternate path for going back down. It’s about twice as long, but way better. I knew going down the steps wasn’t recommended, but it’s a really un-fun idea, even if I hadn’t known, I woulda taken the path.

I would go again if anyone wants. I recommend going as early as possible. And it’s not really a hike for hikes sake. Do it if you want a challenge and bragging rights. It can be done by pretty much anyone, so long as you got the time. I saw a 1 legged woman on my climb.

Well, G+ is broken for me for some reason. I can do anything but make a post, so I guess blogging it is. Just a couple little things.

I just got back from my walk in the park and noticed a team of like 5 or 6 year old girls practicing soccer. Their coach was having them do something confusing, but apparently if they messed up, their punishment was to have to do some push-ups. Couple things with that…

1. 6 year old girls do really poorly formed push-ups

2. Soccer requires very little arm strength, so I’m not sure what the coach was getting at with this

Kinda weird.

For those of you who haven’t been reading my G+ I did a few posts in a format where I quote/paraphrase a scene from some media I’ve recently watched and then re-write the lines as I wish they had gone. Here’s the most recent.

Taub: There were two things we thought were impossible. One of them wasn’t. That’s all we know.

Anybody: We don’t know anything else? Nothing about physics, chemistry, biology, medicine? None of our generations of scientific endeavor has provided us with any useful insight into this question? I don’t think that word “impossible” means what you think it means. … … You’re an idiot…. … You’re fired.

House M.D. Season 8, Episode 18: Body and Soul

Yeah, bold means I wish it was there. 😛

Also, I’ve updated the Tetris game a bit. The old link goes to the newer version. Now has high scores, and if you play Zen mode, should be easier on you.

I present… Tetris

a ground breaking game for its time, I have released my own version only… what… like 25 years later… 30…

Lauren plays a lot of tetris. She played at lot over at Tetris Friends but I got sick of her having to wait for the commercials so I wrote my own version. I figured I could tweak it to her hearts content, but she doesn’t seem to be very picky. Anyway, it’s available for all you windows people over… here. Let me know if you have any troubles or feature requests. I might be able to help you out.

Just a heads up, though, she plays Tetris Ultra. It’s a two minute round and you try to get as many lines as possible, so that’s what this tetris game does. It’s not classic tetris. I’ve added a setting where you can turn of the timer and play as long as you want, but it never speeds up on you. Oh, also, left shift is how you store a block for later use. 🙂


I’ve written a screensaver. I wrote it for Lauren, cause she said she wanted one, so it’s mostly a gift for her, but you all can have it as well if you want. It was inspired by her love of the etsy.com color picker. There is no version for you Mac or Linux people… so sorry. What you have to do if you want to try it out is

1. Download it (first link in this post)

2. Move the LaurenSaver.scr file into your C:/Windows/System32 folder

3. Go to your screensaver settings (depends on your version of Windows but you probably know how to do that right?)

4. Change your screensaver to LaurenSaver

5. Click Settings to customize the settings. LaurenSaver has a setting for everyone! 🙂

6. Enjoy

If you have any problems let me know. I am also interested in bug reports and feature requests, just get a hold of me somehow. And if you are some coder guy who wants the source code I can give you that to, just shoot me a message.