Well, not much happening. My gf went away so I’m sad. I’m full… so that’s good. That bio test went alrite… meaning I bet I didn’t fail. yeah… I can’t think of anything to write right now… TV is too distracting. Perhaps I will right something worth reading later… ya never know.

1337 or something.

Well, I guess I dun have that much homework at the moment. I should study for this bio test I have day after tomorrow that is going to be uber hard. I know this because I’m smart… I’ll prolly still fail the test though. especially w/ all the not studying and all. I dun really study ever. 😛 I think I finish up my Chem lab write up tomorrow… go in and ask someone a few questions before the lab. Gots to do the pre chem lab write up thing too. 😛 In lab today we had a lab quiz and they asked us what the little tube thing is leading to the egg in a plant ovary and for some reason osculum popped into my head and I couldn’t get it out. I wrote it down cause I couldn’t think of what the word meant so I figured it mite be write but as we all know and as I figured out before the lab was over an osculum is the opening of a sponge. The answer they were looking for, I suspect anyway, is micropyle… as I’m sure u all would guess. Stupid me. Just a preview of the test I suppose :P. We got to dissect things though and I only had to draw one picture… which is a vast improvement over last weeks 7. Dr. Gaiser threw a worm in with the leeches we had and they killed it. It was sweet. We got to cut up helpless little worms… and crayfish… and uh… what else… oh yeah… a clam. So that was cool… the lab write up I’m not looking forward to cause it asks a bunch of questions I don’t know that answers too. Oh well. Kinda weird how bio got hard all of a sudden… maybe I’m not good w/ animals. I should stick w/ bacteria or something maybe. Dun have to have the lab write up dun for 2 weeks though cause next week we don’t have lab cause we’re going to the aquarium which mite be cool. Have to wake up by 8:30am tho which sux0rs. miss calc tho. Hmm… what else can I babble about to avoid doin’ homework. I don’t have any inner problems… not suicidal… dun have confidence issues or a girl I’m pining for. Altho I can’t spell. *sob* oh god! Y won’t u let me spell?!?!!one!? I think I should cut my wrists so I can finaly see something pure come of me. Pure red thick blood, spewing forth into the world out of my veins, as I sink into the bleak, dark, black, nothingness that is death. So much more preferable to my life. *tear* *look all deep and shit upward slightly at nothing* *head falls to chest* *fade to black* *wild applause* 😛

Yeah, that’s prolly enuf for now. Apparently I mite be leaving campus in a bit… for to watch others purchase things… yippee.

Temp Internet Files

Seriously… don’t let them get out of hand… poor Milo is having to work so hard to delete them… so many tiny files. What with a gf and all I haven’t been looking at porn as much as I used to and I guess I neglected my temporary internet files for too long. I’ve been doin’ quite a bit of surfing and such too. Anyway… been deleting them for like an hour. 😛 Just a fair warning.

As for other stuff… let’s see. I’ve got bunches of homework of course… although it looks like my calc prof is going to bump back that test to monday because of all the other tests (most importantly my bio one) that are going to be on Friday. I remembered that I have a bio lab quiz tomorrow… so I should maybe pretend to study that some. Maybe my bio prof will grade on a curve… I’d prolly do pretty well then. I 0wnz0red the calc. problems in class today… which made me happy. I’ll prolly r0x0r that test like I have the last two, hopefully I can get and A in that class.

Great… now Temporary Internet Files is not responding… I broke it.

I like this useless rambling sort of stuff… not bad. Someday I’ll rant and crap and u will all read it and like it! This is the word of Gene. I’ve not read any of Donny’s yet but I’ll skip over there when I get some time… altho I hope I dun get too involved in this stuff… dun have time to be reading things not science.

I think I’ll download a client for this thing… need to download more things… everyone knows that.

Yeah… whatever.


Well, in an attempt to avoid doing homework I’ll write this stuff. Ben’s not on to help me w/ my chem anyway so I prolly wouldn’t get very far. We’re gonna get to play D&D pretty soon.. or at least make our characters, which r0x0rs. Unfortunately I have two tests this friday and my Bio 1 is gunna sux0r cause my prof is a nazi… or an ex-wrestler… same thing. Nobdoy knows I have this thing… maybe I should tell people. *shrug* Prolly not tho. I think I just made the group of people that were sitting next to me move by being freaking and mean looking. 🙂 Maybe I’ll fiddle w/ the create poll thing. I wonder… if I only told select people about this then I could write nasty things and nobody I didn’t want to know would find out… in theory. 😛 That’s a stupid idea. Gonna look at homework now… maybe do some of it too. Maybe I should study for the afore mentioned bio test. Hmm… maybe this thing could become kinda cool. I can’t really imagine any of my friends wanting to read my ramblings though. Anyway, maybe I’ll get good at writing interesting things so that even my jackass friends will read.