Back to school to prove I’m not a fool

So I’ve been done with work and here on campus since Thursday.  Everyone else got here on Sunday, except Yusuke and Elizabeth, there were here when I got here.  So, I helped move in a bunch of freshmen on Friday and Lauren and Sidney (a bit) on Sunday.  Been hanging out with everyone and having a grand ol’ time.

Got myself two new roommates.  Yusuke got bumped somehow.  He’s still in Anderson at least, though.  Nik is one.  He’s an American who lived most of his teen years in London.  His mom’s a Brit.  She made a commercial for Wizards.  Chen-Kai aka Jerry is the other.  He moved in later, cause he’s not a frosh, and doesn’t hang around as much.  He’s got a gf and stuff.  He cooked dinner today though and let us eat it, so we’re bff now.  He actually knows what he’s doing when he cooks, too.  Uses real food and stuff.

I should mention Lauren also provided blueberry muffins, and they were quite good.

List of things I don’t have that I want when my parents eventually make it back here:

  • ice cream scoop
  • something to blot out the sun
  • my tang
  • spare condiments and whatnot
  • maybe a coaxial cable
  • my Converses

The other news is obviously this new blog.  It’s not completely set up yet, but Gar was nice enough to host for me, and I bought the domain a few months ago and waste is bad.  So I’ll be slowly tweaking this thing, and I’ll abandon Vox.  I’ll still read all you vox blogs, but now that my cousin has one I have to bail.  Sorry to all you Voxers, please follow me.  You’re all using RSS anyway, right?

Classes start in about 8.5 hours for me, so I’ll have news regarding them tomorrow.  Might even write it up then.  Ya never know.

I leave you with this video, that I’ve shown everyone around here to universal lawls.