No… I like Q the character. I mean ‘Q’… the letter. Lauren brought it up today, while we were playing Bananagrams. Why do we need ‘Q’. It isn’t useful. What word with ‘Q’ wouldn’t be equally well served with a ‘C’ or a ‘K’? Maybe it was needed in the past but it seems vestigial to me and I think we should get rid of it. Get the alphabet down to a round 25. Word games would be a lot easier, but that wouldn’t ruin them. Some of them might need reworking is all. Oo… there’d be a spare key on keyboards. I’m sure the benefits are ennumerable and great. Let’s get on this people.

WIDLM: Commercials

Commercials in general may be a WIDLM in the future, but I have recently spent 2+ weeks in the real world, with people with cable, and have been exposed to a lot of commercials I would have normally avoided. I wasn’t paying attention to try and pick a worst one, but as I was headed back home, away from commercials for a prolonged time, and my mind touched upon the notion of being free from the constant harassment they are, the commercial that sprang to mind as the worst, was from Arby’s. I don’t really like Arby’s food, I like Arby’s sauce okay, but it would be better if it didn’t come with Arby’s food I bet. I basically never go there, but that commercial was bad beyond the restaurant chain. I never really watched the commercial, it’s stupid talking just got into my ear. “It’s good mood food”… sounds so stupid and wrong. And the guy that sings it can’t even sing. At least most commercials have the courtesy to hire people that sound pleasing when the croon nonsensical jingles, but the guy in this one sounds worse than an average schlub on the street. And the words… triple “oo” rhyming just doesn’t work. There needs to be a break or something. An extra syllable. I dunno, it’s not my bailiwick, but I can say I’m glad to be away from commercials, especially that one.

Not sure if this is the exact commercial, but you get the notion.


I got back from Colorado, had a great time, but this is not the time for that. This is the time to rant about how my internet was broken when I got back. And I couldn’t fix it. And I couldn’t get help. I did fix it, just now, somehow. I don’t really know how. Pure luck or something they did on their end finally probably. I’m pretty sure my internet was broken since the 19th. Totally ridiculous.

When I went to my ISP’s website (on Lauren‘s computer on the other internet in the house) and tried to get help, the webpage broke and said that it was in an infinite referral loop. Are you joking? When I did get the number I had to do the obligatory computer run around, and I finally talked to someone who transferred me w/o warning to some other computer thing that didn’t understand my phone’s inputs so I gave up.

My internet is a shambles for what I pay for it. I blame the government, and I call upon the government to fix it. Or something.

I’m not really that mad. I’m mostly just glad it came back. And Sidney and Dan are here. And I’m making cookies. 🙂

WIDLM: The anti-rangers

Lauren dibs this topic first, but I think we’ve decided that they’re so bad we can both write about them. The title is not clear, but I’m talking about people at national parks and stuff that don’t follow the rules, like stay on the path and don’t feed the wildlife. We’ve seen a few of those people up here, and it’s sad. Lauren hasn’t written her post yet, so I don’t know what she’ll focus on, but I’m going to propose a solution.

I think we should have some website where you can submit photos of these offenders. The parks service would have then review them to make sure they were violating a law and then use facial recognition to penalize/bill them appropriately. They could make it mandatory when coming into the park to sign up and have your mug shot or whatever, if need be. Anyway, facial recognition could make them pay for the damage they do, at least a little, and the law abiding among us could feel useful by snapping pics of the offenders.

So, come to the future parks service. Let’s fine those bastards.

WIDLM: WordPress

Really not all of WordPress. Just the interface to add a new post needs to be updated. I run this blog with WordPress, if you couldn’t tell. On Lauren‘s tiny laptop the text box is covered up by all the side options. On my huge monitor, the text entry field is all tiny and most of the screen is filled with useless closed boxes or white space. I don’t like it. Maybe now that I am posting at least once a week I’ll be motivated to actually change it.

Well, that’s all I got for this week. I’ll try to be more full of hate in the future.

WIDLM: Security Lines

Everyone dislikes security lines, but I dislike them more than most. A lot of people look at them a necessary evil, or think that security needs to be even tighter, but I think that the security we do have is ineffectual as security, and a bane to the economy and life in general.

I know most people don’t think of it like this, but wasting time is like murdering someone a little. I mean, if someone locked me up in jail, wrongly, for the next 70 years of my life, people would think that that’s pretty terrible. About as bad as if they’d just killed me. Well, what about 35 years? 5? Well, obviously wasting 5 years is much worse than wasting an hour, but an hour is still an hour and I’m never gonna get it back.

2,819 people were killed in the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Let’s estimate that since then the average early arrival time at an airport has increased by half an hour. Using studies mentioned here as a guide. According to NumberOf.net, “there are 809,611,003 airline passengers who traveled in America for the year 2008”. Let’s round that to 800M and apply it to each of the 10 years since 2001. That’s 8B passengers each losing .5 hours for a total of 4B hours lost. Quick math puts that at 5,846 American lives. So in the 10 years since 9/11 we’ve more than doubled their damage for them, if you follow the logic.

Maybe you don’t agree with the logic exactly, but even if things are only 1/10th as bad as I think, that’s still awful. Is it worth the price? It’s not like they’ve actually stopped anyone. Every major terrorist plot that’s been subverted since 9/11 has been subverted after they already boarded the plane. And this analysis doesn’t include invasion of privacy, racial profiling, and inconvenience from other stupid security policies like taking off shoes and not allowing liquids.

Anyway, this rant has been part of WIDLM, or What I Don’t Like Monday’s. It something Mitch, Katie, and I kinda thought of to as a nice counter to Lauren‘s What I Like Wednesdays. Hopefully Lauren will join in.