I climbed the Manitou Incline this morning. It has been my life long dream since when I heard it existed yesterday.

Top and Bottom
Top and Bottom

It took me about 42 minutes to get to the top, which is pretty good for a first time I think. I am not sure where exactly you’re supposed to start and stop timing so it’s not exact.

I was trying to make it a straight shot, no stops, but I couldn’t manage that. I had to take a few breathers, but I never sat down. I don’t think any of my rests were a full minute. It’s a pretty brutal little walk though. Still, my time was better than anyone I heard talking at the top, and I didn’t get passed by anyone I didn’t pass first or later. Although, some guys were carrying like 80 lb. backpacks, so that’s a bit unfair.

me at the top

There is an alternate path for going back down. It’s about twice as long, but way better. I knew going down the steps wasn’t recommended, but it’s a really un-fun idea, even if I hadn’t known, I woulda taken the path.

I would go again if anyone wants. I recommend going as early as possible. And it’s not really a hike for hikes sake. Do it if you want a challenge and bragging rights. It can be done by pretty much anyone, so long as you got the time. I saw a 1 legged woman on my climb.