Record walk

Went on a hike today. Lauren wanted to revisit Lawn Lake so she setup a short trip. We took Sidney this time.

Above Lawn Lake, are the Crystal Lakes. I left the girls, since they had each other, and made the attempt. They went back to the car. The trail past Lawn Lake is clearly rarely traveled. I saw nobody past Lawn Lake, or up at the lakes, or coming back. There were a few impediments.IMG_20160715_130211850-COLLAGE

But, I made it.


I also saw a few marmots and a pika. The pika wasn’t up high, though, didn’t need to go to the Crystal Lakes to see it. Couldn’t get a picture, though.

Anyway, the main point is that I walked 16.23 miles on the hike, according to my phone. I gained and lost 3,383 ft of elevation. Pedometer puts me at 40,961 steps for the day. Records all, except maybe the elevation. Just throwing that in for fun.

Lauren and Sidney were kind enough to wait 45 minutes for me at the car. I never caught up with them.