WIDLM: Cords

I have a lot of cords in my life, and I wish I didn’t. In like 5 years everything will be cordless, and people will take it for granted most of the time, but every once in a while something will make them think of the days before everything was cordless and they will look at nothing and bask in the knowledge that those days are behind us, and that life can never again be as bad as it was then.

I can’t wait for those times. Cords ruin the simplest things I want to do and irritate me so constantly that it’s hard to describe. I think many of you probably think I’m blowing things out of proportion or over reacting, but I think deep down you all feel my pain. You are repressing you’re hatred for the cord because you don’t deal with it so consistently as me, perhaps, or because you think it is the way it must be. But it is not the way it must be. Cords will be gone soon and should be gone now.

Never again will there be tangling, knocking, disconnecting, twisting, fraying, tugging, too long, too short, lost, hidden, hard to reach, ugly cords everywhere. Just imagine that world, and you will hate cords as I do.