The tick tock of the clock is painful

Lauren and Sidney have both managed to post about the nothing they’re doing, so I guess I can, too.

Aaron and Kim visited yesterday, which is close to something.  Kim fell asleep pretty much immediately, but we watched Back to the Future II anyway.  That’s a pretty messed up movie.  I don’t think I’m really a fan of the series.

For the rest of my time I’ve mostly been trying to catch up on all the media I have gotten behind on.  Pretty much all caught up on Southpark, watched all of Sanctuary (they changed things from the web version), and caught up on Heroes today.  Heroes is silly.  The fast chick can go back in time because she can move so fast when super charged by Ando, sure, makes total sense, but how does she go forward in time?  /shakes head  Whatever.

I’ve still got tons of podcasts to listen to and watch, and I have some shows downloaded already that I haven’t even started… so I guess I’m going to give the whole downloading thing a rest for a while.  Feels wrong.

Pat’s not been online today.  He was supposedly going to wake up at 4 am and take off, barring some change in the weather.  I stayed up until like 5:30 and he was still idle, so I dunno when he actually did leave, but theoretically he’s getting closer and will be chilling before too long.

Besides all that my family, and pieces of it, have been playing that dice game, Farkle, some more.  I’ve actually won twice, I think, now.  Martha’s officially the unluckiest.

Martha made some cookies.  I get to eat the deformed ones.  And open the stuck bottle tops.

Other than that I’ve been doing a fair bit of chatting.  Chat chat.


Thanks Asians
Thanks Asians

I got a card from my parents, con dinero, which was nice, and a bunch of the Asians got together and made me this card. I think the art was done by Aki. It’s pretty awesome, as you can see, so it was nice.

Sidney and Dan and maybe some others made curry for dinner for me. Added some spice and pineapple.  It was very good.  I like curry.  Sidney also bought me some milk and Kix, which I mentioned a week or so ago I was considering desirable, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Come to think of it, Sidney like mint chocolate chip too, so maybe it wasn’t really for me. Regardless, the ice cream went nicely with the cake Lauren made for me, and half successfully frosted with help from her visiting friend, Katie.  The cake was good, but not as good as the cake I’m gonna make her on Monday. Hiro got me a couple erasers because he found out I’ve been lacking, and Yusuke got me a couple nice mechanical pencils cause the one I’ve been using all quarter is… ragged.

Elisabeth and Martha both claim to have gifts for me coming soon.

So, for all of you who wished me a happy birthday, your wish came true.  And for all those who didn’t, a pox on your children! (because I obviously believe in punishment for the sins of the father)

Oh yeah, and Sidney also wore her glasses all day cause I dislike contacts, and maybe tried to dress a little more slovenly than usual. Kinda hard to tell. A female altering her appearance in any way at my behest, if only for my birthday, is none the less kinda touching.

Sister Martha

MAR stands for Memory Address Register which is a specific piece of memory in a computer that keeps track of the memory address that holds the next instruction the computer should perform.  In a way it tell the computer what to do.  My sister’s nickname is Mar.  I think this is especiially fitting for her computer scienctist fiancé.