WIDLM: Snail Mail

Mostly I’m just writing this one because I don’t have Modern Warfare 3 yet. I preordered it, and they shipped it to me starting the day after it came out from New Jersey, even though there are like 1,000 copies within 10 miles of me. What kind of a stupid system is this? I’m pretty sure I’ll get it later today, but man, the inefficiency is bothersome, almost as bothersome as missing out on the beginning of the games life cycle. QQ

Just in general I don’t much see the need for snail mail anymore. Obviously it is still necessary to some extent, since some old people don’t have internet and of course physical objects need to mailed. But games are digital, no reason I couldn’t have just downloaded MW3. And post cards are tweets from 100 years ago. Time to update people.

I don’t really have a point this week. I just don’t like sending, receiving, or in any way interacting with the mail service. I’m glad it exists when I need it, but that’s pretty rare. So when they talk on TV about how the USPS is gonna go under, I sorta think it’s time. We can’t bail out everything forever.