Time… is marching on

I made it home.  Not eventful.

Kim and Aaron showed up last night.  We played Farkle with mom, except Aaron quit like a baby because it was too complicated or something.  I won that game.  Mom beat me handily twice before.  There’s a lot of luck involved.

Other than that, not much has happened.  Couple inches of snow on the ground outside, which doesn’t affect me since I don’t leave the love-seat.  Football is on, dad’s doing.  Football is silly.

Martha didn’t make it home yesterday, got stuck in Salt Lake.  She’ll be here soon, though.

  • sid

    football is super silly.
    watching sports on tv is silly.

  • We also watch C-SPAN, bookTV, and Country Cook… apparently.

  • I was just uninterested in the game, really, and decided I wasn’t in the mood for it. I dislike most games where you keep track of “points”. Particularly when no point is equal to “1”. Something about them always gets on my nerves.

    If I gotta roll that many dice that many times, I expect something to die, and I expect massive XP.

  • Yeah, well, we could divide all the scores by 50… that would at least fixing your scoring aversion.