WIDLM: Commercials

Commercials in general may be a WIDLM in the future, but I have recently spent 2+ weeks in the real world, with people with cable, and have been exposed to a lot of commercials I would have normally avoided. I wasn’t paying attention to try and pick a worst one, but as I was headed back home, away from commercials for a prolonged time, and my mind touched upon the notion of being free from the constant harassment they are, the commercial that sprang to mind as the worst, was from Arby’s. I don’t really like Arby’s food, I like Arby’s sauce okay, but it would be better if it didn’t come with Arby’s food I bet. I basically never go there, but that commercial was bad beyond the restaurant chain. I never really watched the commercial, it’s stupid talking just got into my ear. “It’s good mood food”… sounds so stupid and wrong. And the guy that sings it can’t even sing. At least most commercials have the courtesy to hire people that sound pleasing when the croon nonsensical jingles, but the guy in this one sounds worse than an average schlub on the street. And the words… triple “oo” rhyming just doesn’t work. There needs to be a break or something. An extra syllable. I dunno, it’s not my bailiwick, but I can say I’m glad to be away from commercials, especially that one.

Not sure if this is the exact commercial, but you get the notion.