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Fashionable and practicle

Maybe it’s just the model but this seems ridiculously… uh… cool.

I don’t think it’s just the model.  I like corsets, and I like Star Trek… so it makes sense.  /shrug

From BoingBoing.

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I’ve never been one to make goals, and this is slightly problematic given the little experiment my aunt and I have, apparently, determined to set up.  (see comments)  I mean, I know the important goal, the thing I actually strive for, happiness.  I wish to be happy in life.  After that it’s a little fuzzy.

I think setting specific goals can often distract from what is really important, but since I’ve already determined what’s really important, I’ll list some things that I currently believe would help me with that goal.  They’re not things specific enough to objectively measure achievement, but they’re the general direction I’ll be trying to head.

  1. Have good friends and do things with them
  2. Have a job that is either
    1. simple and not very time consuming
    2. rewarding and vivifying
    3. both 1 and 2
  3. Improve the world, by my standards, which include
    1. increasing scientific knowledge
    2. increasing critical thinking skills
    3. providing entertainment
    4. producing a product that people use (for good)
    5. alleviating suffering (current and/or future)
    6. making enough money to donate significant quantities to people doing 1 – 5
  4. Maintain or improve my health
  5. Increase my skill set and knowledge

That seems like a pretty good list.  It is kinda late, though.  I’ll update it if I think of anything to add.  Am I missing anything big?

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Ladies and gentlemen… Tim Minchin

I recently have been introduced to Tim Minchin, through the SGU.  His stuff is pretty excellent.  He’s got lots of things on youtube you can lookout.  I particularly recommend the following.

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Haaahahaha… it’s funny cause it’s true

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status report

Free weekend had I.  No homework really, yet.  Played D&D, thought about D&D, worked on D&D, read about D&D, watched movies about D&D… my 5 favorite things.  Well, not quite really, since by played I mean DM’d, but DMing is quite fun in my current situation, as well.  The gang leveled and thought they were going to defeat their arch nemesis, but were tricked by my clever placement of a different human in the dungeon.  :0

A bunch of us went swimming today.  Consequentially, I took a shower.  Strange happening was noticed recently.  It is pictured below.  There’s not a lot to see, but some of you still might not get it.  See if you can see what troubles me.

It is in a mirror... which could make it tricky

I’ll leave you all to puzzle over that.  Or at least, I think I will.  Probably totally obvious to everyone and it’s only I that would never notice if it weren’t for it being me.  /shrug

Also, listen to Stephen Fry’s podcast thing.  It’s good.  I’ve only listened to the most recent one, on language and grammar, but I suggest you check it out.  Especially you linguists out there (Donny).

I’m sure work will commence in earnest soon.  Boy how I’m looking forward to that.

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This is what I would write about Twilight if I had read/seen it

Link! Read it, it’s funny.

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Finally I think we can move forward

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I don’t have an opinion on the bailout that’s well formed enough for my standards, so don’t take this post as a quip espousing something more than that I think this is humorous.

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Thanks Asians
Thanks Asians

I got a card from my parents, con dinero, which was nice, and a bunch of the Asians got together and made me this card. I think the art was done by Aki. It’s pretty awesome, as you can see, so it was nice.

Sidney and Dan and maybe some others made curry for dinner for me. Added some spice and pineapple.  It was very good.  I like curry.  Sidney also bought me some milk and Kix, which I mentioned a week or so ago I was considering desirable, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Come to think of it, Sidney like mint chocolate chip too, so maybe it wasn’t really for me. Regardless, the ice cream went nicely with the cake Lauren made for me, and half successfully frosted with help from her visiting friend, Katie.  The cake was good, but not as good as the cake I’m gonna make her on Monday. Hiro got me a couple erasers because he found out I’ve been lacking, and Yusuke got me a couple nice mechanical pencils cause the one I’ve been using all quarter is… ragged.

Elisabeth and Martha both claim to have gifts for me coming soon.

So, for all of you who wished me a happy birthday, your wish came true.  And for all those who didn’t, a pox on your children! (because I obviously believe in punishment for the sins of the father)

Oh yeah, and Sidney also wore her glasses all day cause I dislike contacts, and maybe tried to dress a little more slovenly than usual. Kinda hard to tell. A female altering her appearance in any way at my behest, if only for my birthday, is none the less kinda touching.

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this is not creepy…

Got this from Boing Boing.  It’s hilarious.  Reminds me of Legion.