Gene Central

Welcome to my wonderful web world. This will eventually be where everything about me is stored. It’s under slow construction. You’ll have to be patient. I get the feeling I’m going to have a busy next few months.

I’m adding links because they have a high coolness/work ratio. If you’re not there and would like to be, or if you are there and would like the link changed or to be removed, let me know.

Below is a brief history of me. It’s under slow construction as well.

Year -1: Condom failure.
I was born on November 22nd, 1984 in Prosser, WA. My brain begins learning to process the impulses it receives from my sensory organs. Unknowingly was moved into a weird house built by my parents out on our farm fifteen minutes from everything. Not much else going on. I receive Teddy, a stuffed bear, from my grandmother as a gift at two weeks old.

I gain weight. Same old.

I continue my growth. Learn how to operate VCR.

My sister, Martha was born on January 31st. Growing… blah blah blah. Probably learn some talking and walking around now. Preschool begins. So does my gymnastics training. Visit Grand Coulee Dam and can reach the button that plays the recorded message about what you are looking at. This is my first actual memory. Reportedly develop obsession with Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Pee outside at the babysitters, not realizing that’s something you only get to do out on the farm.

I’m increasing my vocabulary and learning arithmetic. I begin to read as well. Dad reads J.R.R. Tolkein’s novels to me for the first time. Graduate from preschool.

Kindergarten: Start Kindergarten at Paterson Elementary School. I rode the bus part way with high schoolers on their way to their school cause I lived so far out in no where. I met all my Elementary School friends. Probably also learned some things under the tutelage of Ms. Craig. I, of course, continued to read.

I get a Nintendo. Beat Super Mario Bros. many times. Life is pretty grand. 1st grade teacher is the same as my kindergarten teacher. All is well. Martha cries at the destruction of my fish piñata during my birthday party. My sister receives a cat, named Butterscotch, from the Lewis’s.

School is the same. Same teacher, same everything. Although, Ms. Craig does have us make cards with popcorn glued onto the counting places and makes us hold on to them. We never use them after initial creation, however. I had my cards until the end of the year, unharmed. Mom comes to work for Paterson as the kindergarten teacher. My sister is in her first class, along with the son of Ms. Craig. They have class in a mobile home across the parking lot from the main school. Sometime around here I start playing soccer on Prosser teams. Mom also starts making me take piano lessons, which I excel at, but dislike. Get SNES and beat more Mario games. Kiss Rachelle Munn on the hand on the bus on a dare. My best friend at the time, Jonny, moves away.

3rd grade teacher is Ms. Rhode. We do multiplication tables on worksheets. One minute to answer 50 questions or something. I had fun with those things. I have to stay after school now and ride home with mom when she’s done doing her after class work. I discover Brickle on one of the school computers and break all the high scores. Mr. Stoddard deletes the game. Family starts going on long backpacking trips during vacations, sometimes accompanied by the Lewis’s.

Same teacher. Forced to read some really bad books, but am too young to know and complain as much as I do later. Read two Goosebumps books before realizing they were all the same. Format a game disk (Jurassic Park, free from Kellogg) while trying to get it to play when Dad wasn’t home. Pretty sure I wasn’t doing gymnastics anymore, getting good at soccer, though. Still playing piano. New teachers here and there, though. I don’t remember who or when. Sometime around here I start having seizures. Diagnosed and treated for epilepsy. Take Tegratol. Saw Weird Al in concert at the Yakima Fair.

Mr. Stoddard is my teacher. I get to do math at any speed I want. He just makes me take the chapter tests and pass them. I run out of math books in the school. He lets me read in the back of class during math time, and help other students. I sign a contract with D.A.R.E never to do drugs. I learn how to type, get up to about 50 words per minute, I think. Mom starts randomly making me go to church. I don’t like it. However, through it I do start going to Lazy F church camp in the summers, which I do like. Get into epilepsy drug testing program for Gabapentin. The people running the study run all kinds of neat tests on me. Find out I have a heart disorder thing, but that it’s not dangerous.

Last year of Paterson. Family looks for a house in the Tri-Cities, so I won’t have to go to Prosser schools after Paterson. Last year of playing on my Prosser soccer team too. Read Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card for the first time. Graduate from Paterson Elementary.

Move to Kennewick. Attend Horse Heaven Hills Middle School. I’m placed in normal level classes. Get in trouble for selling my homework. Chloe Butterworth told on me. Enjoyed some popularity due to my odd nature and being the new kid, plus I’m just cool. Played on the basketball and soccer teams. N64 came out. Didn’t beat Mario 64. Was reading quite a lot. Attended school dances for the first time. Hated them. Was asked out for the first time, refused. Some random and unknown girl grabbed my butt once. Apparently that was my cute year. Met a bunch of friends, all of whom I don’t see much anymore. Quit piano.

Went to Kennewick High School for Geometry. Was in COG classes and met a bunch of the friends that still hang out with me when I’m at home. Was exposed to the PlayStation and started playing RPG’s. Also started playing Ultima Online, which has grown into a love of MMORPG’s. Played on the track, soccer, and wrestling teams. Had a small seizure running the mile at a track meet. Stayed up every night reading until I passed out. Read first Tad Williams book. Bought a Gameboy so I could play Pokemon. Graduate from Middle School. Mom goes back on word and makes me play piano some more. I quite again.

Start school at Southridge High School. Join the Business Academy for their computer classes. Meet Steve in Spanish. Dabble in EverQuest but start really playing Asheron’s Call, PvP server. PS2 is released and Pat and I randomly convince my mom to buy one. Get a GameCube sometime later, too. Fail to beat the Mario game, as well. Aaron DM’s 2nd addition D&D a couple times. It is fun, but we don’t get together enough for it to take off. Decide I don’t need to take epilepsy medication anymore and stop. No seizures. Am on the wrestling team.

Meet Donny is business academy classes. Join knowledge bowl team. Start sitting in the alcove during lunch, the home for me and other weirdos for the rest of high school. Am forced to take a driving class by my parents. Get my permit but never my license. Get a job as a dishwasher at the old folks home across from where I live. Lose lifetime 4.0 to Spanish A-. Play on tennis team. Went to Spain for two weeks. My bag was lost coming back. Teddy is never found.

Man, high school was dull. I mean, I played lots of video games and got to do what I wanted a bunch, but nothing really happened. Not that I can remember anyway. I start learning to play drums so I can play in a band my friends are putting together. I don’t learn fast enough though so I give up. Join science bowl and national honors society and chess club. Started “dating” a girl in my AP Bio class, named Taylor. She also happened to be the best friend of my best friend’s girlfriend at the time. We didn’t talk to each other for a month, and then we went to prom together (I went to please my mother) and then we broke up. I did kiss her though, so if you’re keeping count or whatever. Read the Otherland series by Tad Williams.

Don’t take business academy classes anymore, much to their dismay. Do Science Olympiad and get a medal or two, along with all those other clubs previously mentioned. Run for student body president. I use “run” loosely, I put up no posters or anything, and my speech was, “Hi. I’m Gene Roseberry. I’m running for president. Vote for me if you want to.” I am told I almost won. Later that year the guy that beat me is arrested on school grounds for breaking and entering and assaulting a police officer. He was on shrooms reportedly. He didn’t get kicked off the wrestling team, though. Whatever. Applied to, and was accepted at, Linfield College with a big scholarship. Decide to go there. Graduated from High School and there was much ado about it. Summer of this year was spent playing Shadow Bane. Three of my friends effectively moved into my house. There were 5 computers set up in my living room. It was magnificent.

Come to Linfield. Meet my roommate, John. Join LRPC. Meet my soon to be girlfriend, Kait. Meet… Dimitri. Take some crazy hard class called General Chemistry. Also Free to be Foolish. What a random hard class that was. He didn’t like my writing style. Spend a lot of time not sleeping. Dimitri DM’s and I get really into D&D. MMOing stops. Buy Double Dash and many controllers so we can have a week of good group gaming. Most of life is spent doing homework. Play Horizons over the summer.

Room with John again. Take Organic Chemistry which is similar to General Chemistry in its difficulty. Again, spend much of my life doing homework. Meet Mike, Keston, and Ody who join the D&D crowd. Start a blog with Kait. Kait and I take over LRPC.
Kait and I fight and break up for a week. Summer is spent playing WoW and poker. Also, Keston, Dimitri, Ody, Kait, and I all go to PAX.

Live with John, again, and Keston. No chemistry. Take computer science. Make ridiculous history of my life web page. Add a sentence just to link to my current interests. I suggest you go to my blog if you want more blow by blow coverage of the life of me.

Live with John, again, and Keston, again, and Mike and Keenan. Breakup with Kait. Continue Computer Science education. Graduated from Linfield with a BS in Biology.

Started at Central Washington University. Lived in Anderson, the international dorm, because Donny was. Roommate was Yusuke. Met Lauren, Elisabeth, Sidney, and a bunch of Asians. Took nothing but Computer Science and Mathematics courses, so was a pretty good year, academically. Got an internship at CH2MHill for the summer. Pat and I go to PAX.

Live in Anderson again, near everyone from last year, except Donny, who moved on to graduate school, and the unnamed Asians, who went home. Take Modern Physics for fun, and a bunch of Computer Science which don’t require coding. Graduate from Central with a BS in Computer Science. Start dating Lauren.