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I’ve been not blogging because I’ve been so swamped trying to eek out seconds of the “last” days w/ Lauren and Sidney, and Dan, I guess.  I use the “” incorrectly to mean that I don’t think the days are actually the last.  I mean, modern times and all, and I’m just 2 hours away.  Seems like them moving to opposite ends of the globe will be more of a strain on our relationships, but whatever.

So, we left Lauren’s and came to my place and hung out.  Mostly just hung out.  We watched Watchmen and Dan lost his wallet, but that was pretty much the only structured activity.  We started a new campaign that includes Dan.  I’ve got it all set up so MapTools should allow us to continue over long distances, provided the internet doesn’t get crappy on us.

On Thursday they drove me to my interview at PNNL.  Everything went really well and I was feeling pretty confident I’d get the internship and also feeling pretty good about it being a sweet gig, but then the boss lady e-mailed me and told me she needed transcripts and letters of recommendation.  So, if they still need those things kinda shakes the confidence a bit.  But, we’ll see.  They also were supposed to tell me on Monday or Tuesday if I’m part of the team, but that won’t happen now since I can’t get them the transcripts or letters that fast.  Transcripts are gonna prove to be problematic I bet, since I don’t have access to unofficial ones from Linfield anymore and I can’t seem to find a complete copy anywhere.  /sigh  I hate paperwork.

I also got an e-mail from CWU telling me that they wouldn’t give me my Math minor.  For some reason the people in charge of giving out such things think I never declared it and I need 7 elective math credits.  This despite the math department telling them I fulfilled all the requirements.  I dunno.  They want me to pay $20 or something to re-enroll for spring and who knows what else.  Personally I don’t really care about it, but I’ll ask the folks.  Again with the hating of paperwork.

Today everyone left except Yusuke.  We did the whole parting thing dry eyed which I’ve pleased about.  I mean, not on my part, that’s unsurprising, but on the others.  I know how they miss me so.  ;P

Pat came over and got Yusuke and I to help him move Heidi’s crap.  She’s moving to Bellingham and Burmingham or something.  Who cares.  She’s not gonna be here anymore.  It took us, and 2 other people who actually helped, about 4 hours to get the stuff out of her apartment.  Pretty incredible.  We totally jam packed thie big ol’ U-Haul.  Tomorrow Pat and the other’s unfortunate enough to be directly affiliated with Heidi will make the dangerous trek accross the pass in the early morn and unpack everything.  Weeee!  Poor them.  I was going to be counted among them, but Yusuke’s staying here has saved me.

Oh, I got all my grades in an I officially have graduated again.  I guess that’s noteworthy.  Got A’s except for Boris’s class (B+) so whatever.

Before he left Dan gave me a t-shrit he claims say Korea on it as a parting gift.  Looks pretty cool.  It’s still in the bag, but I can only assume it’ll look better with me involved.  Lauren gave me the gift of talking to her at least 30 minutes a day.

/shrug  I’ve got nothing else right now.  I’m abnormally sleepy today.  I must not have slept well knowing I’d be sans so many CWUians.


Part of my OS midterm. yeah…

SUN  began to develop Java as a programming language for home appliances.  Assume that you are hired by SUN to develop an OS for a garage door and a microwave to be able to communicate.  Be specific in all your answers.

  • List subsystems of your OS and draw the diagram of your system.
  • What will be the kernel and its function of your operating system?
  • List managers for processes and resources.
  • What is the more important for this OS safe sharing environment or minimizing performance overhead? [sic]  (Explain)
  • Explain a possible mechanism of use of interrupts in implementation of your OS. [sic]

Jugs and orbs and darts and gourds, Elmer Fudd’s and bouncing Buddahs, sweater stretchers, lung protectors…

I have a test in about 7 hours in Operating Systems.  I’m not feeling very prepared, but it’s a Boris test so that’s standard.

I’ve been having trouble meeting my push-up quota the last few days.  I don’t really know what I’m gonna do about it.

I got an A+ on my ethics case studies.  I’d like to take a moment to thank all of those who wrote in and contributed to my success.

*clears throat*

  • Pat

Thank you all very much.

You guys are watching all the TED talks, yeah?  Well, I specifically recommend this one.  Pretty concisely says lots of stuff I agree with.


Today I learned that Lauren like big, old things

I’ve not had a big update post in a while, but that’s because I’ve been busy having things to do.  Let me explain.

Mom came to visit.  Well, not really.  She came to see Tyler and Danny, and band, play.  She brought my PS3 and bought me PoP and LBP, so I’ve had new games to play in my free time.  PS3 is getting quite a bit of love.  LBP is a good game for my crowd here.  Lauren and I have beaten the main story.  The gang sorta paired off since I only have two controllers.  Anyway, we’re working on getting all the items still, which will take a while.  We explored some player made content today, which was pretty neat.

Ok, besides that, I also had a big 481 paper and presentation on Friday we were working on all week.  Well, really just Wednesday and Thursday.  We were busy working on the actual project for 481 on the other days.

Immediately after my presentation I went to Elisabeth’s with her and 7 other people.  Like, immediately.  I was still wearing that ridiculous get up they make us wear for presentations.  So, we did a lot of hanging out and whatnot at Elisabeth’s.  The guys, Hiro, Yusuke, myself, and Dan, played basketball.

On Valentine’s day each gender made food for the other.  We male’s got fish, since there’s a female veggie, and a couple other fish haters, and they chose stuffed peppers for us to make them.  In the end the division of labor was a little fuzzy, and there was quite a bit of sharing, but it was a very fancy occassion.  We had candles, and the sparkling cider, and fancy plates, and suits and ties and dresses and all that good stuff.  After that we went hot tubbing.  After that we males did pushups.  Then we watched Star Wars Episode IV.  Kinda, there were two people who watched it, and everyone else kinda watched or slept or goofed off.

There was also some incidental shopping and driving around during the Elisabeth visit.  And we all went and saw some children’s musical for some reason.  Elisabeth’s mom got us in for free.  Put on by homeschoolers, in like a church.  Yeah.  Whatever.

So, that’s pretty much the gist of what’s happened.  Had today off cause it’s a national holiday and all that.  School soon, though.  Rest of the time for me here at Central is going to be quite busy, I think, so if I dissapear from the blogosphere for a month or so, pity is the appropriate response.


Query the audience

I have to write a research paper about some societal issue that is impacted by computers.  I have to have two paper based sources as well, which kinda baffles me.  I can’t remember the last time I had a paper based source.  They know books and magazines are on the internet, too, right?  Got ideas?


I r on duty

I haven’t updated in a while for a couple reasons.  Probably the most important is that I’ve been busy.  We had a giant paper due for that capstone class I have, and I also had some programming assignments due in my other classes.  I was very productive during the beginning of this week so I’m a bit ahead now, although I still have much on the horizon.  The other reason is that my internet is so atrociously slow back in the dorm that I can’t seem to load all the WordPress stuff I need to make a new post.  Sad, ain’t it.

So what’s been happening?  I wrote a genetic algorithm.  It’s really simple, just supposed to optimize a two variable algebraic inequality, but it’s still cool, imho.  I had a bug that flummoxed me for several hours until I got Keston to look at it.  He fixed it in like 5 minutes.  So, kudos to him.  I tried to make it general, and some of that kinda went by the wayside when I hit the bugs and the deadline, but I’m hoping it’s close and can be easily adapted for alternative projects.

Lauren, keeper of the Netflix queue, has realized that I’m leaving soon, never to complain about their movie selections again, so she’s bumped up all the movies I’ve been suggesting over the year.  So we watched Equilibrium, The Professional, and soon Airplane.  Elisabeth and Sidney opted out of The Professional, which was stupid of them.  I’m very disappointed.  I was a little nervous I wouldn’t like it as much as I remembered, but I still stand by my 10 star rating on IMDB.

Funny coincidence, The Totally Rad Show that was released two days after we watched it had The Professional as their recommended Netflix rental, and Dan said he thought it was a flawless movie.  I don’t really agree with Dan’s movie taste in a lot of ways, but we’re together on that one.  Anyway, the point is, Sidney and Elisabeth are dumb for missing it, and I don’t forgive them.  And anyone who doesn’t like that movie… well, I’ve never heard of such a thing, so please explain yourself.

Pat didn’t come visit me, cause he a sucka foo, or something.  I didn’t get him anything for his bday, though, so we’ll call it even.

Helen Marie Havnaer is my friend on facebook now.  You guys remember her?  From camp that one year when I was like 12?  /shurg  Well, I do.

Tomorrow Tyler‘s band is going to play on campus.  Mom’s coming to see him, and I’ll go.  Hopefully I can get others to go.

There’s more, but I guess they’re the subject of different posts.


First day of school

Came back to Central yesterday.  Was pretty good times.  Had 5 girls in my room before I even got my stuff unpacked.  Yusuke gave me a mug from Vegas.  Consequentially, I drank 3 cups of hot chocolate when we watched Dark Knight.

I’m postponing my plan of eating only 2 of 3 days until I graduate.  The people around here provide me too much free food.

So today was supposed to be my first day of classes but they both were cancelled.  I still sat in the labs for 4 hours cause they didn’t bother to e-mail us.  It’s ok.  They’re the classes where the class part doesn’t actually matter anyway.


It snowed

So I went outside with nothing but my shorts on and flexed and roared and looked primal.  Nobody was around to take pictures, though.

I’m pretty alone in Anderson tonight.  The girls fled for fear of weather.  They all made it home fine, except Megan who apparently had an incident.  I think those things have to be self fulfilling or something.  She’s fine though, just slid around a bit or something.

The main Asians are still here.  They made me dinner and I made them dessert.  They’re all leaving early tomorrow to go on a grand vacation adventure.

Mom’s coming to get me tomorrow and take me home.  Just Aaron and Kim for the first few days, but Pat’s coming back, and Donny, and Sidney may even visit.  Should be fun times.

Donny was up visiting but he ran away, too.  He’s got this cool work setup where he has to drive back to Portland every weekend.  Neato, huh?

I got an A in 480, that’s the capstone class.  I got A-‘s in Boris’s classes, which is good, considering.  I somehow only got a B in Physics, even though it was probably the easiest class.  I think most of the blame falls on having a final at 8 am.  I don’t do well at 8 am.  It’s ok, though, was taking it just for fun and all.  Grades were up really fast this quarter.

I should sleep so I can wake up when or before mom get’s here.  Sidney actually updated her blog.  There are videos featuring my voice from when we went to Lauren’s house last weekend.  That’s all for now.


Since I’ve been gone

I’ve been fairly absent for like a week, so now you get treated to the quick update post.

Thanksgiving break happened. Yusuke came home with me and the dinner was just the parents and us. I think Yusuke fed himself better this year. The dinner was good. I like turkey.

Other than eating I hung out with Kim and Aaron a bit and watched a bunch of podcasts and TV shows. I watched all of Undergrads under recommendation from fairly trusted sources but didn’t like it. I don’t think I really loled once except on the episode I watched with Kim and Aaron, and that was mostly because of our jokes, not the show’s. /shrug

Since I’ve been back at school I’ve been working long hours on a Software Engineering presentation I gave today. We were the first group. I think our group did the best, and I did as well as can be expected for my part. Now we have this ridiculous design document due Friday we’ve got to work on. Once that’s done, and I finish up some crappy mundane assignments for Algorithms, all I have left is finals. Can go home on Thursday.

The other big news is photographed below. Merry Christmas to those who celebrate, and to those who don’t, please enjoy this arbitrary gift I give you.

this is what I looked like for a day
up to the minute facial hair status
proof of pants

All pictures taken by Aki. Miho would have gotten some up here, but she deleted hers. tsk tsk.


no class

My professor keeps not showing up to class.  I could be sleeping more, or staying up later.