I got back from Colorado, had a great time, but this is not the time for that. This is the time to rant about how my internet was broken when I got back. And I couldn’t fix it. And I couldn’t get help. I did fix it, just now, somehow. I don’t really know how. Pure luck or something they did on their end finally probably. I’m pretty sure my internet was broken since the 19th. Totally ridiculous.

When I went to my ISP’s website (on Lauren‘s computer on the other internet in the house) and tried to get help, the webpage broke and said that it was in an infinite referral loop. Are you joking? When I did get the number I had to do the obligatory computer run around, and I finally talked to someone who transferred me w/o warning to some other computer thing that didn’t understand my phone’s inputs so I gave up.

My internet is a shambles for what I pay for it. I blame the government, and I call upon the government to fix it. Or something.

I’m not really that mad. I’m mostly just glad it came back. And Sidney and Dan are here. And I’m making cookies. 🙂


NEWS! From the world of ME!

I went to Cheney, again, if you didn’t know.  After waiting so long for PNNL to call and tell me when I should start interning I gave them a call.  That’s what all the people said I had to do.  I was like, “Whatever,” but they were all like, “wooo hoowoi,” so I was all like, “Fine.”

Anyway, PNNL said they were waiting for Central to send them confirmation that I had graduated.  I called Central, and they said they were waiting until after July 2nd to send the confirmation because that’s when degrees get processed.  Armed with this knowledge I knew I would be safe coming to Cheney to hang out with Pat another week, and to facilitate quickly getting to Sidney’s for the 4th of July party.

So… Monday, in Cheney, I got a call from PNNL.  That call when they tell me when to come in.  The one I had been waiting for but had recently determined couldn’t possibly happen until July 6th.  Yeah.  Luckily they didn’t want me to start until July 9th, so the fact that I’m in Cheney was not a problem.  However, this does underscore the problem with calling people to get information.  The information makes you think you know things, but you can never known anything when dealing with bureaucracy.  One should always act like an animal, on instinct.  The illusion of knowledge will just get one into trouble.

Yeah, so that’s all settled.  I have to show up at 7:45 in the morning for orientation.  I love morning!

Pat bought a new mountain bike.  Like, it’s his and not his mommy’s.  We went riding on a gravel trail thing for like 12 miles.  I got a flat that pretty quickly drained my tire… so the last mile was a bit rough.  Pat’s bike is fast.  He let me ride it for a bit, and life is easy with a bike like his.  Fancy.

Today I went to a bike shop to get my tire fixed.  It took me like 30 minutes to walk to the place cause I am a meander-er, and I kinda went past it a couple blocks.  Then he said it would take him about an hour to get to it, but he didn’t know, maybe more. I decided to just hang out in “downtown” Cheney since I’d have to turn around right away if I went back to the APT.  I went to this thrift store that had amazing quantities of junk.  It had a book called “False Myths of Same Sex Love” or something like that.  I thought about buying it for Aaron, but then I didn’t.  I didn’t want the owner to think I was gay.

I wandered back to the bike shop just when he was about to call me, so I have good timing, I guess.  He said he found a tiny thorn in it, which is lame.  I mean, who puts thorns out in the middle of bike trails?  Intelligent design.  Phooey!

We’ve yet to try Pat’s bike on a real mountain biking trail… with rocks and tiny paths and sharp turns and stuff.  I’m pretty sure Pat has plans to try it out soon, though.  So that will likely be an adventure.

Oh, and I watched the entire first season of 30 Rock.  Yeah.  It’s a funny show.  Very funny.  Like, way more funny than modern stuff is, normally.  It’s odd.

Pat and I did that crazy ab workout thing that Dan taught me.  I still lose at the face up part.  I don’t think it’s fair, cause my tail bone is jamming into the floor and it’s very uncomfortable.  I think I’d do better with one of those gym mats or something.  I have a bony butt.

Thursday is when LAUREN! and Yusuke come to get me on the way to Sidney’s.  Pat has Friday off, so he’ll just drive up after work, I guess.  I tried to make it so we all went in one car to save gas, but apparently that’s super confusing and impossible.  Should be a pretty awesome weekend.  I’m very much looking forward to seeing Lauren… I mean everyone.

You know what’s cool about Sidney’s house?  You can eat dinner, and then, when you’re done, you’re full until dinner the next day.  Efficient.


Sims screwed up my computer so I might as well play it

For those of you not following my twitter I made a Sims house with 8 of the B-Podders, Dan, Hiro, Sidney, Naoya, Lauren, Me, Yusuke, and Elisabeth. They don’t let you do more than 8, or I probably woulda killed myself making everyone. Anyway, much of my time these days is spent with at least part of my attention focused on this silly game. If you would like to know details I suggest you ask, as I intend to try and not bore everyone with the details, although I might fail.

IRL I called PNNL and asked them what was up. They told me they were waiting on Central. So I called Central and asked them what was up and they told me that degrees aren’t processed until July 2nd, so they can’t tell PNNL I graduated until after that. So my vacation gets another extension. I will likely go to Cheney with Pat again this week, since I now know I can, as it will be more convenient for attending Sindey’s 4th of July celebrations. Plus I can hang out with Pat more before we are both relegated to work drone-itude.

Lastly, in the course of addressing my computer woes I have found in convenient to use mother’s computer from time to time.  As such I have also used IE, a thing I’ve not done often in years.  Using IE has exposed me to adds like the one below.  Now, I dunno what this is an ad for, although I’m sure it’ s utter crap, but apparently one need follow only “these one simple rule”.  /rolls eyes   I tend to scorn sheeple, but people are such gibbering morons that if they didn’t have that instinctual herd mentality we never would have made it this far.


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Back home

CakecomplishmentLauren and Yusuke brought me back to Kennewick yesterday.  They went home today.  Goodbye new girlfriend.  *tear*  I will miss you.  Oh, and seeya later Yusuke.

Kim and Pat hung out with me most of today.  We chatted (I was interrogated) and had free food and then we had this brilliant idea to buy an ice cream cake to celebrate Kim’s 1 year of working at Value Village, as no one had yet celebrated it.  This is the cake.  We are quite pleased with ourselves.  I feel it is a great thing.  Perhaps you do not understand the subtle humor of the situation, but perhaps you do, so there it is.

There was video game playing later.  Coop FPS in the form of Resistance, which was fun.  I don’t FPS much but I did enjoy several moments and I don’t seem to suck too terribly.

Tomorrow (actually today) is the day all the Central people leave, except Yusuke.  So I hope you guys have good goodbyes, and, ya know, imagine I was there, too.  I hope you got the random facts, Sidney.  Also, I’m putting in a recommendation for Pat becoming random dude that comes to your house and eats food and stuff.

Hiro, have fun in Alaska.  Dan, have fun in on with Sidney.  I’ll see ya both on the interwebs.  Yusuke, try to be nice for a little bit.  It’s not the time for humor, the girls aren’t going to be in the mood.  And Lauren, good luck with your family.  Sorry for the hassle that I am.  Please let me help them understand how we need to visit each other all the time if I can.

Tomorrow (really tomorrow) is the day Pat leaves for Spokane for his new job, so to him I say, take me with you!

Yeah, I think that’s all the goodbyes for now.  Kinda abnormal for me to do direct messages in my blog like that, but variety is the spice of life, they say.  Seems like they should change up that cliche a bit.  The real important thing is, Happy 1 year at Value Villiage Kim.

Links Things I enjoy Update

Updating… because I don’t have headphones

Is there a word for a person who is willing to have sex with someone because that someone’s sexual history is linked to some highly desirable person?  Like, Lisa loves Johnny Depp so she’s willing to sleep with Mike because Mike had a tryst with Depp’s ex-wife, for example.  If there isn’t such a word, perhaps someone should craft one.  It seems like the kind of thing that could use a good latinate word.

Paul Pirone, CS friend, won the Central Washington University strong man competition that was held recently.  So congrats to him.  I saw him win the flippy tire thing and the round stone picky upy thing so I figured he probably did well, but I didn’t stick around to see that he actually won.

I guess I haven’t posted since Lauren and I came out as a couple.  So, yeah, we’re dating.  One caveat for you guys out there, we haven’t come out to her family yet.  We’re assuming none of them read this, but if you could avoid telling them, or posting things on facebook in such a way that they might see, or whatever, that would be appreciated.

So, probably largely because of this new dating situation, I’ve stayed with the Central people.  Hanging out with everyone, doing the same ol’ things.  We went to Portland as planned and did stay with Keston and Ody, except Sidney and Dan ran away to Linfield cause they are weak (allergic to cats).  Whatever, just extra driving for them.  Yusuke became good friends with the cat.  I named the cat Henry, since it had no name.  I dunno if it’ll stick w/o my presence, though.

Portland was Portland.  I never really understood why people think it’s so great.  I guess if you’re not raised amongst the hippies you think seeing hippy people and hippy stores is really novel and awesome… maybe?  I dunno.  Regardless, stores and just stores to me, filled with piles of stuff I don’t want.  I bought volumes 3 and 4 of Otherland used from Powell’s, though, for Sidney and Lauren.  The rest of the time I spent walking around, which I found quite pleasant because the weather and company were so good.

School’s out for the Central peeps in 2 weeks, so then I’ll have to go home I suppose, maybe even before.  Otherwise the plan is to continue hanging out while I can before everyone goes to their preferred countries.  Tonight we’re going to play basketball.

There’s this new thing called WolframAlpha.  It looks cool to me.  If I had headphones I would have learned all about it by now and could recommend better how to use it, but I think it has a variety of uses for everyone and that you all should play around with it yourself and see what you come up with.  It’s good if you have math homework for sure, and if you wanna do financial analysis, or if you just curious about some statistics but you don’t know where you’d find them.  Like, finding out the number of people with your name… or the population of females in your area.  I dunno, it’s new and probably will ever grow, but I plan to keep an eye on it.  Yeah, it’s definitely cool.

K, I’m gonna go play with it some more.  TTFN, folks.


You don’t need me, you have my links.

I’ve been busy.  Busy for me is somewhat different than for normal people.  See, for me, when I have work that needs doing, then I necessarily have time in between that needs to be filled with procrastination.  When there is nothing that needs doing, I don’t need to procrastinate, and so the blog suffers.  Basically, I’ve been busy with play, no time to blog.

It’s been too long since the last update so I can’t actually give you much of  a blow by blow, and frankly you wouldn’t want it.  Suffice it to say that I’ve been hanging out with Pat a lot, Aaron occasionally, and on most weekends with Lauren, Sidney, Dan, Hiro, and Yusuke, the Central peeps.

What have we been doing?  Well, we saw Wolverine.  And the Asians went camping out by my house.  And we all visited Sidney’s home on the range.  When the Central people are around we do a lot of PS3 and basketball playing.  Now that I’ve been kidnapped up to Central we swim occasionally.  Pat and I mountain bike and play WoW.  We made it to 80 so now we kinda grind a lot of rep and work on getting geared.  That’s all kinda on hiatus for me now that I’m stolen.

I get a lot of people asking me what I’m doing and I have taken to responding, “living the dream.”  Basically, I’m on summer break.  I did apply for an internship at PNNL, and I think I got it, I just don’t officially have it yet.  News today is that I won’t have it until June.  At least that’s what I’m given to understand.  I haven’t officially graduated thanks to the wonderful staff here at Central, so I can’t have my internship, I guess.  I’m still working on getting a piece of paper signed so I’ll be all set to graduate after this quarter.  I need the new chair of the Math department to sign something, but apparently he only comes into work on days that start with “Q”.  Either that or the secretary doesn’t want to take responsibility for her forgetting about my piece of paper.  Anyway, I think once that’s done all I have to do is wait patiently for something that should already be mine so I can start making money.  *shrug* I want the break anyway.  I really don’t enjoy the paperwork hassle, though.

Tomorrow supposedly the paper will be signed and I can get this stuff and then we, the Central people, are going to Seattle and Lauren’s house.  The Asians are gonna go see the Mariners play.  Donny is coming, and there’s a chance we can meet up with Pat.  Lauren’s house will have lots of fatty foods, so I can store up for the next winter I come across.

Tonight the plan is to play basketball from 9-11.  We’ve been ordered to not disturb Megan in her watching of the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy.  She’s been irrationally vehement about it.  I have no leg to stand on given I’m technically breaking rules just by being in Anderson as long as I have, so I can’t complain.  The other people are unwilling to face her wrath so instead of risking an accidentally audible sound we’re just going to hide out in the gym.  Also, some of us are gonna go watch a crippled guy break dance.  *shrug* I’m not doing anything else, right?

Anyway, that’s the gist.  Hopefully I’ll be a bit better in the future… although the immediate future is filled with lack of computer, so don’t hold your breath.  I’ll try and post something more insightful next time.

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update post

I’ve been not blogging because I’ve been so swamped trying to eek out seconds of the “last” days w/ Lauren and Sidney, and Dan, I guess.  I use the “” incorrectly to mean that I don’t think the days are actually the last.  I mean, modern times and all, and I’m just 2 hours away.  Seems like them moving to opposite ends of the globe will be more of a strain on our relationships, but whatever.

So, we left Lauren’s and came to my place and hung out.  Mostly just hung out.  We watched Watchmen and Dan lost his wallet, but that was pretty much the only structured activity.  We started a new campaign that includes Dan.  I’ve got it all set up so MapTools should allow us to continue over long distances, provided the internet doesn’t get crappy on us.

On Thursday they drove me to my interview at PNNL.  Everything went really well and I was feeling pretty confident I’d get the internship and also feeling pretty good about it being a sweet gig, but then the boss lady e-mailed me and told me she needed transcripts and letters of recommendation.  So, if they still need those things kinda shakes the confidence a bit.  But, we’ll see.  They also were supposed to tell me on Monday or Tuesday if I’m part of the team, but that won’t happen now since I can’t get them the transcripts or letters that fast.  Transcripts are gonna prove to be problematic I bet, since I don’t have access to unofficial ones from Linfield anymore and I can’t seem to find a complete copy anywhere.  /sigh  I hate paperwork.

I also got an e-mail from CWU telling me that they wouldn’t give me my Math minor.  For some reason the people in charge of giving out such things think I never declared it and I need 7 elective math credits.  This despite the math department telling them I fulfilled all the requirements.  I dunno.  They want me to pay $20 or something to re-enroll for spring and who knows what else.  Personally I don’t really care about it, but I’ll ask the folks.  Again with the hating of paperwork.

Today everyone left except Yusuke.  We did the whole parting thing dry eyed which I’ve pleased about.  I mean, not on my part, that’s unsurprising, but on the others.  I know how they miss me so.  ;P

Pat came over and got Yusuke and I to help him move Heidi’s crap.  She’s moving to Bellingham and Burmingham or something.  Who cares.  She’s not gonna be here anymore.  It took us, and 2 other people who actually helped, about 4 hours to get the stuff out of her apartment.  Pretty incredible.  We totally jam packed thie big ol’ U-Haul.  Tomorrow Pat and the other’s unfortunate enough to be directly affiliated with Heidi will make the dangerous trek accross the pass in the early morn and unpack everything.  Weeee!  Poor them.  I was going to be counted among them, but Yusuke’s staying here has saved me.

Oh, I got all my grades in an I officially have graduated again.  I guess that’s noteworthy.  Got A’s except for Boris’s class (B+) so whatever.

Before he left Dan gave me a t-shrit he claims say Korea on it as a parting gift.  Looks pretty cool.  It’s still in the bag, but I can only assume it’ll look better with me involved.  Lauren gave me the gift of talking to her at least 30 minutes a day.

/shrug  I’ve got nothing else right now.  I’m abnormally sleepy today.  I must not have slept well knowing I’d be sans so many CWUians.


I’m at Lauren’s

Lauren and Sidney and Yusuke and I are hanging out at Lauren’s house waiting for Dan and Aki to finish their last days together… for now at least, and keeping each other company.  We’ve started making kinda a scavenger hunt, or, I think it’s better described as car bingo that you play anywhere but home.  We’re making a list of things to be on the look out for just to kinda give us a reason to look around with something other than disgust.  At least that’s why I like it.  We’re planning on carrying the hunt on until the end of our time together this spring break, so like 4 more days.  If you have any ideas for things that are interesting, hard to find but easy enough we might see it in 4 days, let me know.  Oh, and we have to be able to take a picture of it, so keep that in mind.


Today I learned that Lauren like big, old things

I’ve not had a big update post in a while, but that’s because I’ve been busy having things to do.  Let me explain.

Mom came to visit.  Well, not really.  She came to see Tyler and Danny, and band, play.  She brought my PS3 and bought me PoP and LBP, so I’ve had new games to play in my free time.  PS3 is getting quite a bit of love.  LBP is a good game for my crowd here.  Lauren and I have beaten the main story.  The gang sorta paired off since I only have two controllers.  Anyway, we’re working on getting all the items still, which will take a while.  We explored some player made content today, which was pretty neat.

Ok, besides that, I also had a big 481 paper and presentation on Friday we were working on all week.  Well, really just Wednesday and Thursday.  We were busy working on the actual project for 481 on the other days.

Immediately after my presentation I went to Elisabeth’s with her and 7 other people.  Like, immediately.  I was still wearing that ridiculous get up they make us wear for presentations.  So, we did a lot of hanging out and whatnot at Elisabeth’s.  The guys, Hiro, Yusuke, myself, and Dan, played basketball.

On Valentine’s day each gender made food for the other.  We male’s got fish, since there’s a female veggie, and a couple other fish haters, and they chose stuffed peppers for us to make them.  In the end the division of labor was a little fuzzy, and there was quite a bit of sharing, but it was a very fancy occassion.  We had candles, and the sparkling cider, and fancy plates, and suits and ties and dresses and all that good stuff.  After that we went hot tubbing.  After that we males did pushups.  Then we watched Star Wars Episode IV.  Kinda, there were two people who watched it, and everyone else kinda watched or slept or goofed off.

There was also some incidental shopping and driving around during the Elisabeth visit.  And we all went and saw some children’s musical for some reason.  Elisabeth’s mom got us in for free.  Put on by homeschoolers, in like a church.  Yeah.  Whatever.

So, that’s pretty much the gist of what’s happened.  Had today off cause it’s a national holiday and all that.  School soon, though.  Rest of the time for me here at Central is going to be quite busy, I think, so if I dissapear from the blogosphere for a month or so, pity is the appropriate response.

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Thanks Asians
Thanks Asians

I got a card from my parents, con dinero, which was nice, and a bunch of the Asians got together and made me this card. I think the art was done by Aki. It’s pretty awesome, as you can see, so it was nice.

Sidney and Dan and maybe some others made curry for dinner for me. Added some spice and pineapple.  It was very good.  I like curry.  Sidney also bought me some milk and Kix, which I mentioned a week or so ago I was considering desirable, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Come to think of it, Sidney like mint chocolate chip too, so maybe it wasn’t really for me. Regardless, the ice cream went nicely with the cake Lauren made for me, and half successfully frosted with help from her visiting friend, Katie.  The cake was good, but not as good as the cake I’m gonna make her on Monday. Hiro got me a couple erasers because he found out I’ve been lacking, and Yusuke got me a couple nice mechanical pencils cause the one I’ve been using all quarter is… ragged.

Elisabeth and Martha both claim to have gifts for me coming soon.

So, for all of you who wished me a happy birthday, your wish came true.  And for all those who didn’t, a pox on your children! (because I obviously believe in punishment for the sins of the father)

Oh yeah, and Sidney also wore her glasses all day cause I dislike contacts, and maybe tried to dress a little more slovenly than usual. Kinda hard to tell. A female altering her appearance in any way at my behest, if only for my birthday, is none the less kinda touching.