The last few weeks in a nutshell

So, this is the big update post I promised. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ll start way back 4th of July weekend at Sidney’s. I told you I was going to go, but sorta skipped talking about being there. It was as expected, so pretty cool. I got tons of food, and got to hang w/ a Pat and Sid and Lauren and Yusuke, so the best people basically. I got to go inner-tubing a little bit, although not enough. And I, of course, got to see some fireworks. They were pretty up close and personal in this case, which is fine, I guess. I’m not a big fireworks person either way, so whatever.

Moving on. Umm… new internship thing. 7 days. 1 full week that I spent almost no time training on. I’ve gone to some meetings, looked a bunch of code, written some stuff. I’ve got a lot of stuff to catch up on. It’s hard to understand all the stuff they wrote already, and know where to find stuff, but I’m getting there. I feel I was actually pretty productive Friday, so that’s good. The situation is pretty relaxed. Come in when you want, breaks when you want, leave when you want, within certain restrictions, obviously, but it’s all good. I’m hopeful things continue in a vein similar to the first week, just with me getting more competent.

The other news is that I’m renting a house in Richland with Aaron. It was really messed up when we saw it, but the rent is cheap so we went for it. Mom and Dad and Aaron and I have all put considerable hours over the last week and a half cleaning it up, and it’s to the point where it’s livable, at least mostly. Internet is going to get installed next week, supposedly, so once that’s there I could definitely live there. It’s within biking distance of work, so that’s much preferable to the current 30 minute drive, so I plan to get in as soon as I can stand it there. (meaning there’s internet)

So that’s the gist. I’ve been very busy. I spend most of my free time corresponding w/ my lovely gf, because I like her and we’re far apart. She’s gonna get to visit on Wednesday, though. Sidney, supposedly, is gonna drive over that same weekend or Thursday or something. So, Yay!

In the mean time Yusuke’s came and visited this weekend. He forgot his macbook power cord so he’s been using mom’s netbook all weekend. And we’re doing wii fit. We have to work on our posture. Pat’s around so we went swimming in his pool today instead of working on the house, which I think is a good weekend move, but the decision was made by Pat and Yusuke, they’re the drivers. 😛

So that’s a good update, right? You feel caught up?


I am not excited that Lauren’s coming. I am a calm, reserved, adult. Shut up.

Pat’s leaving today (or has left already with my shoes) back to Cheney for another week of working.  So that’s somewhat lame.  Lauren’s coming to visit for a few days tomorrow, though, so that’s ridiculously awesome.  Don’t feel as though the differences in levels of emotion about the two happenings reflect directly an evaluation of worth of the two parties, however.  Largely the difference is due to my natural positive bent, and the unexpectedness of Lauren being able to visit as juxtaposed against the well known fact that Pat would be leaving.

So, not much has been happening around here.  Mom’s gone, so dad and I just lay around in our respective rooms listening to our respective audio programming.  For dad this Father’s Day I got him the gift of not wasting his money, time, or space on things he doesn’t want or need, which I think is what he really was hoping for.

My computer is still blowed up from the malware I got on it.  I’m currently moving towards the plan of wiping it clean.  I’m more in favor of this plan than previously because I realized that I could put the Windows 7 RC on it and play around with it.  So the infection gives way to an opportunity, kinda, I guess.  I still have to have the computer working long enough to pull the data I want to save onto an external hard drive, and burn the Windows install disk and stuff like that, which is not working out so well currently.  QQ

And now for something completely different.


Time… is marching on

I made it home.  Not eventful.

Kim and Aaron showed up last night.  We played Farkle with mom, except Aaron quit like a baby because it was too complicated or something.  I won that game.  Mom beat me handily twice before.  There’s a lot of luck involved.

Other than that, not much has happened.  Couple inches of snow on the ground outside, which doesn’t affect me since I don’t leave the love-seat.  Football is on, dad’s doing.  Football is silly.

Martha didn’t make it home yesterday, got stuck in Salt Lake.  She’ll be here soon, though.


I’ve been thinking way too long trying to come up with a title

I registered for Winter quarter classes on Friday.  I got to register way before everyone else, cause I’m awesome.  I’m signed up for five 400 level computer science courses.  I’ve decided against taking the second quarter of Modern Physics so I can take Computational Intelligence.  I’m also taking Operating Systems, Software Engineering part II, which is where we actually build the crazy thing I’ve been getting all the paperwork together for this quarter, a little senior colloquium thing about ethics, prolly lots of presentations and papers, and I’m a TA for a class yet to be determined.  Grading papers and everything.  If I get lucky and the class I TA for is in the afternoon, then I have no classes before noon.  Such a thing would be a nice boon.

Parents stopped by on the way to Seattle.  Bought me food and such.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll make lentil stew.  Yusuke bought swim trunks at Goodwill so he could go swimming with the group tonight.

Dan, Hiro, Yusuke, Luke, Lauren, Sidney, Elisabeth, and I all went swimming.  Well, Elisabeth went to the pool, not into the pool.  She read or something.  I threw a water polo ball, I guess that’s what it was, at Yusuke‘s head, and gave him a bloody nose.  Was a stupid thing for me to do.  He’s ok, but it was still very stupid.  I don’t normally do stupid things.  /sigh  The full story is something like, Yusuke and Hiro were having a splash war, Lauren got caught in the cross fire, she splashed at Yusuke, Yusuke splashed back, Lauren says, “Throw this at his head,” I throw the ball at the back of Yusuke‘s head, he turns at the wrong time, he throws the ball back, then we notice he has a small blood loss problem.

With all the swimming, and showering associated with swimming, I’m more motivated to get rid of my hair.  I want to have my beard without my hair for a while, though, so hopefully Sidney will find time and courage to cut my hair for me soon.

I get my Tuesday class cancelled this week.  Woo hoo.  I guess at least I’ll get to sleep in.