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Video games again

Like I said, I beat Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. I’d like to say a bit more on the subject, even though I haven’t played any more since. I spent like 3 hours up front trying to get the sound to work. Something to do with the way my TV was set up it didn’t like, so like half the sound effects and all the voice acting wouldn’t come through. Was confusing.

The game was fun, though. It is definitely closer to Sands of Time than any of the others since, which is a good thing. The combat suffers from all the magic powers they give you in my opinion, but I liked the combat in Sands of Time. In Sands of Time ┬ápeople complained that the combat was either too difficult or too time consuming. It wasn’t either, unless you made it that way. If you were any good at it it was fun and not that time consuming. Unfortunately, you could get through it just by mashing square or whatever. So that’s what most people did. In this new game you can use magic to tear through all the monsters without hardly using your sword. If you do use the sword the combat is not quite as fun as that of Sands of Time, but pretty close. The platforming, which is really the best part of PoP, is great. I think it is more difficult than Sands of Time, which I appreciate. I must quibble about the existence of hidden treasures. Normally I enjoy such features in a game, but I wish they would leave them out of PoP. Prince of Persia is the game I want to race through, getting in a rhythm and trying to be as smooth, and fast, and bad ass as possible. I do not want to be looking around for alternative paths to take and secret places to look behind and such. I do that in every other game. I know I don’t really have to, but I wish they wouldn’t even tempt me.

Also in video game news, Kim has decided recently she wants to play Modern Warfare 2, which means she and Aaron have come over several times recently and we have taken turns playing. There’s a new expansion map pack out, which I haven’t purchased yet, but might. I love the game, but it’s way more fun with an audience. We prestiged up again and have gotten the tactical knife with the USP so I got my first chance to be a knifer bitch. I went 24 and 9 on Bailout, one of my least favorite maps. Not all my attempts since have been so successful, but the option to be a knifer bitch is pretty sweet.

When Kim comes she brings her Xbox and Red Dead Redemption, so I’ve had quite a few chances to play that as well. I’ve beaten the first area pretty completely, I think. Still have to skin some armadillos or something. It’s a good entertaining game. It is the sort of game I would prefer to play when I’m alone, though, so its sorta unfortunate I only have access to it when company is over.

Anyway that’s all the games I’ve been playing. They’re all good. You all should play MW2 with me. I have a headset I never use and everything.

Things I enjoy Update

Video games

I beat Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands today. Musta been like 10 hours. I’ll maybe play through again sometime and try and get all the trophies and whatnot, but I dunno. It was a fun game. It actually got somewhat challenging which hasn’t been in the last 3 POP games, so I appreciated that.

I also have 241 Stars in Mario Galaxy 2. Haven’t gotten that last one. I must have died more than 100 times trying so far. Kinda sad, since every other star was so easy. /sigh I’ll get it someday, I suspect.