other days

Didn’t ski on Thursday or Friday.  Thursday the wind was very bad and only a couple lifts were open.  Friday was pretty much the same, but we went up anyway to check it out.  They told us they were definitely only gonna have a couple lifts open and nothing else would open up.  When we went home and checked they had opened the main lift, though.  So perhaps we shoulda stayed.  I think we made the correct decision with the data presented, though.

Besides, because we didn’t go skiing that day, Pat and I went with Mrs. Anthony to do some cross country skiing by the river.  I went with my normal skies.  It was an ice sheet and not very fun for anyone, although I got a bit of a thrill from using downhill skis to cross country ski on an ice sheet.  Plus, it was good cardio.

We also saw The Spirit.  Not sure normal people would like it very much.  I thought it was pretty good.  It’s like hyper-noir or something.  Not easy to explain.  Definitely some highly enjoyable characters and lines and stuff.  /shrug

Besides that there was lots of hot tubing and eating and WoWing.  Hot tubs are good.  Food is good.  WoW is good.

We weren’t really planning on skiing on the day we drove home, but we changed those plans and went up early.  Everything was open and everyone was there.  The lines were pretty annoying, but the conditions were excellent.  The end of the day I was on my own and went over to the back chairs, which they opened at mid-day and which had been closed for several days.  It was great fun.  Top had like a foot of smooth powder, and at the bottom are these crazy cat tracks that I barreled down so fast I got air on some of the little hills.  Went off some jumps, went through the trees, went outside the ski park boundaries.  It was glorious.

Beginning of the day I ran over Hannah.  Other than that it was pretty fun.

Definitely was a good trip.

Oh, and my arms got better.  Eventually.


Happy New Year, and stuff

I saw the ball drop on TV.  That’s about the extent of my celebrations.

I did go night skiing.  I don’t think I’ve ever done it before.  We went to Hoodoo, which is pretty small, but they were the one doing night skiing . I covered all the runs and then we left.  The snow was a little bit on the icey side, unfortunately.  I’ve skied much worse, but we’re spoiled now.

We’re gonna try and go back to Bachelor early tomorrow, so I should probably nod off here.

Have a good 2009 everyone.


day 2

Got up on the slopes today.  It was great weather and snow conditions.  I ditched everyone a lot of the day and did my own thing.  Pat and I lost Hannah for a while, we didn’t think it was possible on the run we were doing, but we did.  There were quite a few people, but it’s all right.  I was fine all day until the 3rd to last run I went down something called Outback which was just grueling.  Fun enough, but I got all hot and sweaty and my legs hurt.  I powered through though and got a couple more runs in before the day was done.

Tomorrow there will be more skiing.  Maybe double more, cause of night skiing on account of the new year.  We’ll see.  Happy New Year peoples, btw.  Maybe I’ll wait 24 minutes to post this so it will be timely.

That excursion to the gym I mentioned yesterday has left my biceps in quite a bind.  I slept on them funny, too, I suspect.  Anyway, the combination of events means when I try to straighten my arms the furthest I can get leaves about a 25° angle.  It’s quite painful.  I’m going to try to sleep in such a way as to undo it tonight.  Probably won’t affect my skiing much, but at this point it actually could.  Poles and all.

Oh, and after the skiing and the dinner eating I went into the hot tub.  It was nice.  Obviously didn’t really help with the muscle problems, but I wasn’t really expecting it to.  Pretty nice.  Maybe when I grow up I’ll have one.