I hope the seeds taste good

We had pumpkin carving at Anderson yesterday. I concentrated on pulling out seeds. We got two cups, like big cups, and a bowl worth. Also, some people carved some cool pumpkins.

My backpack zipper broke a couple days ago, making it unusable. Kinda sad. I’m using a spare one Jerry has for now. Need to get a new carrying device. I haven’t thought about such a thing in about 8 years, so I am unprepared.


about all that school

The test that might have been tomorrow is actually not until Monday, so that’s peachy.  I finished my paper tonight, so that’s a day early.  I didn’t get assigned any physics today, maybe next time.  I’m being peer presured into a study group, (first time ever?) this Thursday, I think because I’m one of the few people in the class that knows what’s going on at all and they want me to help them.  Frankly, I think we should be studying more for the other test we all have that day.  One can always figure out boolean math… guessing the ridiculous conventions of the “science” of software engineering is nigh impossible.



I made lentil stew this weekend.  One of those days, Saturday I think.  I even had a little veggie side portion for SidneyLauren did the grocery run for me cause there was a preponderance of people wanting to go, but she didn’t believe me when I wrote tomato juice on the list so she got tomato sauce.  We just diluted it 1/3 and it worked fine.  Might actually be cheaper that way.  Got leftover ingredients.  All I need is onions and beef and I could make some more.  I thought it was good.  It never gets the acclaim my milkshakes do, though.

Got to a 7:20 mile today.  So that’s faster than last time, and is extra impressive since my legs were sore when I started because I’ve been doing fairly extensive DDRing over the weekend.  Lauren has been showing increased interest in DDR lately, so I have a partner.

I also got the highest score on the physics test.  33.5 out of 34.  Low was 9.5, but, I think, that must be quite the outlier.

That’s about the end of the good news school wise, though.  Well, I haven’t done poorly on anything yet, it’s just the work that’s upcoming that is lame.  Resume thing due tomorrow, which I already did, but it wasn’t very fun.  Plus, it’s one of those stupid assignments with no real point and it is therefore difficult to know what is expected.  Then I might have a test on Wednesday.  Can’t tell because the professor doesn’t know, or didn’t during class, and his online schedule has no dates.  Useful.  It’s sometime this week though for sure.  I also have another one of those stupid research papers.  They’ve gotten stupider because he explained how he wants us to use super official references.  References are fine if it’s a real research paper, but there’s no primary literature on the history of RAM, so referencing bad sources is just going to get harder.  Whatever.  I also have a basic weekly homework assignment in that class, but I did that already.  That was fine.  Then in my other class with that prof I have a test on Friday, and normal homework, also finished already.  Kinda really lame, but easy.  And the resume professor is giving me a test on Friday, too.  That’s all, except I’ll get homework in physics tomorrow.

I’m irritated that I’m in 3 upper level computer science classes, we’re in week 5, or something, and I’ve written no code.  Not a single line.  You know what I like about computer science?  Code.  You know how I learn computer science?  By coding.  /rolls eyes


On another note, there may or may not be a person I know who has Fable 2 early.  I’ve spent a few hours watching.  Looks basically like Fable… only better?  It’s fairly fun to watch and make jokes and stuff.

Oh, and like it says on Lauren’s blog, we watched Wayne’s World for free today.  Kinda like back in the Linfield days.  I got the 3 noobs, Yusuke, Elisabeth, and Lauren, to come see it, and then there was Sidney and I as old fans.  It was a big hit.  I re-love that movie.  Maybe they liked it enough they’ll rent the sequel?  Maybe?

Also on Lauren’s blog, everyone’s leaving this weekend like they did weekend before last.  This time they’re going to Sidney‘s.  It’s her mom’s birthday.  It’s great that I’ve got all my work this week so this weekend when I have all this free time I won’t have anything to do.  More D&D delay.  These Central people only managed to stay focused for 2 hours this weekend.  They had a bit of a brutal fight, and poor Yusuke was unconscious basically the whole time.  Gotta go through with them and get them better acquainted with their powers to speed up combat.  Other than that Elisabeth needs to stop pouting about her bad rolls, and we need to get them far enough to have some better role playing hooks.  /shrug

Also I voted.  Thanks to Lauren‘s stamp.

K.  Well, I’m spent.


It’s good to have a few friends that don’t drink

My ear buds are dead, so I’ve been walking around campus with my giant headphones.  It’s pretty cool.  They double as earmuffs.  They fit underneath my giant hood of the sweatshirt I’m always wearing, too.  The cord is so long it goes from my pocket, to my shins, to my head.

Took a physics test yesterday.  First one, so I dunno how I did.  I’m not concerned, though.  I did well on the practice test and I am just taking the class for fun, so I think I’m getting what I came for.

A bunch of us went to play badmitton in the gym yesterday.  At one point Hiro and I played against Dan and Luke in a match where we actually kept score.  I wasn’t paying close attention but I was told at one point that the score was 10-2 them and we were playing match point.  When we won that volley I told Dan and Luke they better watch out, we were gonna come from behind.  Guess how that ended.  That’s right, 9 unanswered points for Hiro and I.  Go team short and apathetic!

Today in class Paul stole someone’s sunglasses, and was still wearing his beanie and was just sitting in the middle of the lecture with that look going.  So Liam has a beany and sunglasses and copies him.  And then like 3 more of us sitting in the vacinity put our hoods way up and I had my hair in my face.  The professor was writing a bunch of stuff on the board while this was going on and he turned around and was all like, “Jesus!  What is this uni-bomber class?”  And we were all sitting in the second row so the whole first row had no idea what was going on.  It was pretty funny.

I jogged a 7 minute 50 second mile today.  That’s according to Elisabeth, I wasn’t timing.  I was surprised at the speed since I can’t remember the last time I officially ran a mile, unless that’s what Donny and I did that one time last year.  Gonna try and keep doing it fairly frequently and see if I can improve.

Tomorrow I might go grocery shopping for lentil stew fixings which I might make sometime soonish.  After this shopping we’re gonna play D&D again, finally.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day.


first person waiter

Mom came and brought some cake.  It’s basically just Yusuke and me here this weekend.  Everyone else went to Seattle to do whatever.  (I bet they don’t even get trench coats like I told them to.)  So, Yusuke and I are getting started on this cake so they don’t get any.  Although, the cake is sorta looking like it’s going to win at this point.

Yusuke has been here playing FFXII and I’ve finished up all the Sports Night I hadn’t watched yet.  I reiterate, it’s lame that show was canceled.

Anyway, hope everyone’s enjoying themselves, even if they abandoned me.  Happy anniversary parents, and happy birthday John.


Call me Captain Gene

We had a power outage tonight from about 10:20 to exactly midnight.  The exactly midnight thing is kinda odd.  Sidney braided my beard back when the lights were still on.

Earlier today I was hanging around the CS lab waiting for class, concidering doing some homework when I noticed this guy from my class reading about a Comadore 64.  So, I jokingly asked if he was thinking of upgrading and he informed me he was doing research for his paper in 312.  I thought this was odd because I’m in 312.  I said, “Why are you writing a paper for 312?  I’m not writing a paper for 312.”  Then he informed me we had a paper due tomorrow (today now).  The professor has never mentioned it, except maybe on the first day of class or something.  So I bashed out a paper on the history of computers.  The assignment was super vague, but I managed.  Good thing I didn’t wait until say, 10:20 tonight.

Mother and Father are coming through tomorrow.  I guess there might be a big dinner hoopla.


and an updated image of yours truely

I’ve dropped ballroom dancing.  I’ve never dropped a class before, but now I’ll have a W on my transcript.  I think the grad school review boards will be ok with it.  It’s not my fault, though.  Those peeps I signed up with quit, so I couldn’t very well stay.  Besides, I really didn’t need that extra stress around now.

The Central people are pretty much ready to play a session, and today would be a good day since it’s the weekend and almost all the asians are gone.  Unfortunately, apparently all the players are gone, too.  I don’t know where they are.

My roommates girlfriend is here for the weekend.  I apparently slept through the cinnamon rolls this morning.  /shrug


I’m moving toward a storm, but I’m not preparing yet

So, I kinda haven’t blogged.  The thing is, all my friends I hang out with here at Central, they hang out in any place but my room.  I think they hate my room, which is somewhat understandable, yet still inconvenient.  Anyway, the real problem is that I hang out with them so much doing not computer stuff I’m falling behind on podcasts and stuff so when I am alone with the screen I don’t have time to write to you.  But here I are.

So, I didn’t tell you about physics.  The class is down to 8 people and, surprise, I’m the only one just taking it for fun.  But it seems like it won’t be any more work than I was expecting.  I’m working on overturning Einstein and all of modern physics, but I think I might need to wait until the second weak of classes.

I’m way ahead on the work front so far, but I get the impression everything’s going to go to hell later.  Software Engineering is apparently death class, and it’s level of deadliness is randomly assigned later in the quarter.  I’m making life harder on myself by volunteering for a research project and signing up for the Physics Students club thing, too.  And DMing the locals (maybe.  They have a fairly astounding capacity to waste time).  And applying to graduate school.  Fun Fact: I’m the only CS major in my graduating class planning on gong on to graduate school.

2nd ballroom dancing class is tomorrow.  I will be wearing socks again.  Likely the only person, but this guy who’s big into dancing says that the dance department head says socks are ok, so I’m gonna use that as my ace in the hole if the teacher complains too loudly.  My throat is a bit tickle-y… maybe I’m too sick to dance.

Other things have happened, I’m sure.  I went to a LLC event called “Speed Friending”, a derivative of speed dating, which was all right.  Free food.  None of the rest of the gang came because they don’t talk to me and forgot.  After the official event was over though a PS2 and DDR was brought into the lounge and I got to show off my skills and play with other people.  That was my favorite part.  I dance better with girls watching.  Or at least I did that day.


CS, CS, CS, Ballroom Dancing

My first two CS classes are taught by this Russian guy, Boris, who was on sabbatical last year, and the third is taught by a new guy, so I have all new CS profs.  Boris will be pretty tough, I think, because he offers extra credit.  That seems like a sign people need extra credit.  The new guy is all young and energetic and is teaching the grand finale CS class.  I think his youth will make it tougher maybe, but maybe not.  He started by saying the class is tons of work, but that it’s ok because that class is tons of work for all CS majors throughout the country.  Not very comforting.  I’m trying to sign up to work on his research projects he starting up, cause I do that sort of thing.

Ballroom Dancing is about as expected.  Barely a male shortage though, we’re about even.  We did some beginner stuff.  I’m not very good at the swinging under the arm thing.  I’m not really very good at the whole leading thing.  Too much responsibility.  When we switch partners, us guys are supposed to lead the girls to some other guy and do a swap.  How come obvious sexism is ok sometimes?  Whatever.  I think I will never be a great dancer, because I’m not very enthusiastic.  I’m supposed to move and smeg, more than the minimum, which is really counter to my nature.  We’ll find out I guess.  I reserve the right to bail on the class if I get too busy, though.
First physics class is tomorrow.  I also reserve the right to bail on it if I get too busy.

The internet is too slow.


Back to school to prove I’m not a fool

So I’ve been done with work and here on campus since Thursday.  Everyone else got here on Sunday, except Yusuke and Elizabeth, there were here when I got here.  So, I helped move in a bunch of freshmen on Friday and Lauren and Sidney (a bit) on Sunday.  Been hanging out with everyone and having a grand ol’ time.

Got myself two new roommates.  Yusuke got bumped somehow.  He’s still in Anderson at least, though.  Nik is one.  He’s an American who lived most of his teen years in London.  His mom’s a Brit.  She made a commercial for Wizards.  Chen-Kai aka Jerry is the other.  He moved in later, cause he’s not a frosh, and doesn’t hang around as much.  He’s got a gf and stuff.  He cooked dinner today though and let us eat it, so we’re bff now.  He actually knows what he’s doing when he cooks, too.  Uses real food and stuff.

I should mention Lauren also provided blueberry muffins, and they were quite good.

List of things I don’t have that I want when my parents eventually make it back here:

  • ice cream scoop
  • something to blot out the sun
  • my tang
  • spare condiments and whatnot
  • maybe a coaxial cable
  • my Converses

The other news is obviously this new blog.  It’s not completely set up yet, but Gar was nice enough to host for me, and I bought the domain a few months ago and waste is bad.  So I’ll be slowly tweaking this thing, and I’ll abandon Vox.  I’ll still read all you vox blogs, but now that my cousin has one I have to bail.  Sorry to all you Voxers, please follow me.  You’re all using RSS anyway, right?

Classes start in about 8.5 hours for me, so I’ll have news regarding them tomorrow.  Might even write it up then.  Ya never know.

I leave you with this video, that I’ve shown everyone around here to universal lawls.