why o why o why o

My site was down for a day or two a day or two ago.  I trust you all survived.

Work is slowly encroaching in on me from all sides.  I can feel it coming.  It will crush me and drive any will to get a job from me before I graduate.  Send your condolences and cash to my parents.

The gang only plays D&D for like 2 or 3 hours at a time.  I dunno if they get into grooves that way.  It doesn’t seem to groove right, exactly.  I need that groove to improve my DMing.  /sigh  Still, at least they play, which is more than can be said for the game I’m in.

Perhaps on a related note, Pat’s grandpa died.  Pat’s making the trek back up from Vegas, consequently.  That is all I know on the subject, but I imagine Pat’s sad to some degree.  So… sux0r.

Finished the first book of Dune.  Not the actual book, the book within a book.  You know how they divide books into books sometimes.  I’m at the part where Paul attains a higher consciousness or whatever.  Prekky sweet.

It was snowing outside.  ForcastFox says it will some more.  Right now we’ve got a slight covering, is all.

Today I swim, and shave, and shower, and various other words that start with S.  Step, shimmy, shake, swallow, scramble, shamble, stagger, scamper, salivate, sashay, skip, start, succumb, stop, stroak, shed, scratch, slurp, snap, sniff, sneer, smile, slouch, slur, slump, shoot, splash, stride, strafe, sing, and possibly sneeze.  But, first, sleep… snooze, snore, slumber.