Things I enjoy


I’ve never been one to make goals, and this is slightly problematic given the little experiment my aunt and I have, apparently, determined to set up.  (see comments)  I mean, I know the important goal, the thing I actually strive for, happiness.  I wish to be happy in life.  After that it’s a little fuzzy.

I think setting specific goals can often distract from what is really important, but since I’ve already determined what’s really important, I’ll list some things that I currently believe would help me with that goal.  They’re not things specific enough to objectively measure achievement, but they’re the general direction I’ll be trying to head.

  1. Have good friends and do things with them
  2. Have a job that is either
    1. simple and not very time consuming
    2. rewarding and vivifying
    3. both 1 and 2
  3. Improve the world, by my standards, which include
    1. increasing scientific knowledge
    2. increasing critical thinking skills
    3. providing entertainment
    4. producing a product that people use (for good)
    5. alleviating suffering (current and/or future)
    6. making enough money to donate significant quantities to people doing 1 – 5
  4. Maintain or improve my health
  5. Increase my skill set and knowledge

That seems like a pretty good list.  It is kinda late, though.  I’ll update it if I think of anything to add.  Am I missing anything big?