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I’ve been not blogging because I’ve been so swamped trying to eek out seconds of the “last” days w/ Lauren and Sidney, and Dan, I guess.  I use the “” incorrectly to mean that I don’t think the days are actually the last.  I mean, modern times and all, and I’m just 2 hours away.  Seems like them moving to opposite ends of the globe will be more of a strain on our relationships, but whatever.

So, we left Lauren’s and came to my place and hung out.  Mostly just hung out.  We watched Watchmen and Dan lost his wallet, but that was pretty much the only structured activity.  We started a new campaign that includes Dan.  I’ve got it all set up so MapTools should allow us to continue over long distances, provided the internet doesn’t get crappy on us.

On Thursday they drove me to my interview at PNNL.  Everything went really well and I was feeling pretty confident I’d get the internship and also feeling pretty good about it being a sweet gig, but then the boss lady e-mailed me and told me she needed transcripts and letters of recommendation.  So, if they still need those things kinda shakes the confidence a bit.  But, we’ll see.  They also were supposed to tell me on Monday or Tuesday if I’m part of the team, but that won’t happen now since I can’t get them the transcripts or letters that fast.  Transcripts are gonna prove to be problematic I bet, since I don’t have access to unofficial ones from Linfield anymore and I can’t seem to find a complete copy anywhere.  /sigh  I hate paperwork.

I also got an e-mail from CWU telling me that they wouldn’t give me my Math minor.  For some reason the people in charge of giving out such things think I never declared it and I need 7 elective math credits.  This despite the math department telling them I fulfilled all the requirements.  I dunno.  They want me to pay $20 or something to re-enroll for spring and who knows what else.  Personally I don’t really care about it, but I’ll ask the folks.  Again with the hating of paperwork.

Today everyone left except Yusuke.  We did the whole parting thing dry eyed which I’ve pleased about.  I mean, not on my part, that’s unsurprising, but on the others.  I know how they miss me so.  ;P

Pat came over and got Yusuke and I to help him move Heidi’s crap.  She’s moving to Bellingham and Burmingham or something.  Who cares.  She’s not gonna be here anymore.  It took us, and 2 other people who actually helped, about 4 hours to get the stuff out of her apartment.  Pretty incredible.  We totally jam packed thie big ol’ U-Haul.  Tomorrow Pat and the other’s unfortunate enough to be directly affiliated with Heidi will make the dangerous trek accross the pass in the early morn and unpack everything.  Weeee!  Poor them.  I was going to be counted among them, but Yusuke’s staying here has saved me.

Oh, I got all my grades in an I officially have graduated again.  I guess that’s noteworthy.  Got A’s except for Boris’s class (B+) so whatever.

Before he left Dan gave me a t-shrit he claims say Korea on it as a parting gift.  Looks pretty cool.  It’s still in the bag, but I can only assume it’ll look better with me involved.  Lauren gave me the gift of talking to her at least 30 minutes a day.

/shrug  I’ve got nothing else right now.  I’m abnormally sleepy today.  I must not have slept well knowing I’d be sans so many CWUians.