I am not excited that Lauren’s coming. I am a calm, reserved, adult. Shut up.

Pat’s leaving today (or has left already with my shoes) back to Cheney for another week of working.  So that’s somewhat lame.  Lauren’s coming to visit for a few days tomorrow, though, so that’s ridiculously awesome.  Don’t feel as though the differences in levels of emotion about the two happenings reflect directly an evaluation of worth of the two parties, however.  Largely the difference is due to my natural positive bent, and the unexpectedness of Lauren being able to visit as juxtaposed against the well known fact that Pat would be leaving.

So, not much has been happening around here.  Mom’s gone, so dad and I just lay around in our respective rooms listening to our respective audio programming.  For dad this Father’s Day I got him the gift of not wasting his money, time, or space on things he doesn’t want or need, which I think is what he really was hoping for.

My computer is still blowed up from the malware I got on it.  I’m currently moving towards the plan of wiping it clean.  I’m more in favor of this plan than previously because I realized that I could put the Windows 7 RC on it and play around with it.  So the infection gives way to an opportunity, kinda, I guess.  I still have to have the computer working long enough to pull the data I want to save onto an external hard drive, and burn the Windows install disk and stuff like that, which is not working out so well currently.  QQ

And now for something completely different.