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Hey party people

I think you guys should know about, so I’m going to write this blog post.

It’s a site that has many facets. The one that jumps out at you when you first get there is an endless stream of questions you can answer about yourself. So, that’s fun, especially if you are one of those quiz takers. Hunch also has those types of quizzes, and various topics to narrow down the questions for a specific purpose. For example, if you wanted to know what book to read next you could go to one of the book topics, answer questions about what you like, and then it will make recommendations for you.

The topics, questions, and results, are all user generated. So, if you are an expert in something that isn’t on the site yet, you can add a whole new topic. Or, if your favorite book isn’t in the list, you can just add it and tell the site what answers would lead to that book.

The site also keeps track of everything you do so it can recommend topics you might be interested in, and tell you of other users that answer similarly to you, and stuff like that. It keeps a giant database of answers and looks for strange correlations. Like 46% of moms who used a fake ID got really muddy as kids. Stuff like that is interesting to me. Plus the topics can be really helpful, if you want to know what TV to buy or whatnot.

Oh, and there are also badges you can get and stuff. Anyway, check it out. My username is geneo if you want to be my friend on there.