The WIDLM year (partial) in review

I missed a few weeks of WIDLM over the holiday season because everything was so perfect I didn’t even understand the concept of not liking things. The thought of blogging about something I couldn’t comprehend didn’t cross my mind. But, now that’s over and I’m sure you’re feeling ripped off so to try to make it up to you I’m going to take a look back at all those things I didn’t like between July and December of 2011.

I started off with Security Lines. I haven’t had to fly since the trip that inspired the initial WIDLM, but I imagine I still don’t like them. I know I don’t like them in concept. Those guys are trying to get the right to arrest people now… /rolls eyes.

Next was WordPress… but my issue with them they fixed… so never mind that. 🙂 Then the anti-rangers, which is people who are inconsiderate of nature, especially at national parks. They are forever a problem, but at least now I don’t have to watch them in action.

After that I complained about commercials. I think there was a specific one that was bugging me from Arby’s or something, but man I hate commercials. Every time I see them I hate them more. I hated them when I was young, and I hate them 10x as much now. Commercials are strange in that the less I see them, the more I hate them. I guess I can’t maintain that level of hate, so I get numb to it in cases of constant exposure. Anyway, die commericals, die.

Then I waxed philosophically about the unnecessary letter Q, and the unnecessary mammals dogs. Then how being sick while unemployed has no silver lining. After that I wrote about the dual monitor cursor glitch I was experiencing, which I since resolved. Another off the list.

After that I wrote about reality TV. That was after Pat’s bachelor party. Man I hate reality TV. Basically anything I said about commercials can be said for reality TV, except at least commercials occasionally fund worthwhile entertainment. Way to ruin that reality TV.

Then I moaned about Miro, which I have since uninstalled, so that problem is sorta gone. 😛 Cleaning, in it utter futility, I cried about after that. Then dancing… it it’s utter uselessness.

The next was corner cutting, which was a bit self reflective… a bit self critical. A rarity. I haven’t noticed much corner cutting in my life recently, but perhaps I’ve just not had many opportunities. Maybe the post helped me better myself.

I got a jump on complaining about the holidays and ranted about people who diminish the importance of Thanksgiving by moving on to Christmas too quickly. I poke you guys in the eye. Then I complained about the rich… oh, I remember now. Really I was not liking when people are too wealthy to feel societal penalties… like parking tickets or fraud charges.

The next one was fad diets, which I don’t like because they prey on the desperate and confuse the public for the purpose of making money. This rant went a little of script and turned into my own diet advice piece, so that’s noteworthy.

I took on the education system next and tackled grades. Then the post office and snail mail. Down with ancient government institutions!

After that I mentioned that I don’t like aging. I hope we cure that soon. My next complaint was a little simpler, my computer chair. Mother made me a cushion for Christmas, so that’s another problem from the list that has been solved.

My most recent two were lag and lines. Two of the most troublesome problems of the modern first world. Roughly 90% of all sadness can be traced to those two things. I suspect they will plague us for years to come, but I haven’t felt their sting lately, so that’s good.

Well, there you have it. 6 months (almost) of what I don’t like. Keep them in mind and try to make my life better. Looking over the list I can tell it is far from definitive, so I will try to keep you updated in this, the year 2012.