I present… Tetris

a ground breaking game for its time, I have released my own version only… what… like 25 years later… 30…

Lauren plays a lot of tetris. She played at lot over at Tetris Friends but I got sick of her having to wait for the commercials so I wrote my own version. I figured I could tweak it to her hearts content, but she doesn’t seem to be very picky. Anyway, it’s available for all you windows people over… here. Let me know if you have any troubles or feature requests. I might be able to help you out.

Just a heads up, though, she plays Tetris Ultra. It’s a two minute round and you try to get as many lines as possible, so that’s what this tetris game does. It’s not classic tetris. I’ve added a setting where you can turn of the timer and play as long as you want, but it never speeds up on you. Oh, also, left shift is how you store a block for later use. 🙂