Can’t blog, must consume internet media

The Central gang is coming back to visit in like 39 hours.  Yay!  We’ve set up Skype and webcams and stuff so I’m pretty sure I talk to them more now than before.  They’re being very nice to me.

Pat’s gonna DM a few of us TC locals.  We decided we’re rolling stats straight down.  I got good rolls.  The restrictive nature of the chosen character creation process has me leaning towards Bard.  I need to wait and see what Gar and Kim do, though, before I make any firm decisions.

Also, I had the idea that one could probably sell some sort of self help doctrine around the idea of harnessing one’s need to go to the bathroom as a source of motivation for success in the rest of one’s life.  Kinda like one of those self empowerment strategies and stuff wackos are always spending money on.  I know it sounds crazy, I just want to say I thought of it before it comes out for real so people will believe me when I say I thought of it first.

Tomorrow I am going to play some board games with Mom and Ms. Craig, my kindergarten – 2nd grade teacher.  And then Kim is gonna come over and work on her character, supposedly.  That’s the plan.