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Me solving all my roommates’ problems

Yesterday I made some exasperated comments to my roommates regarding the nature of their entertainment. It wasn’t, and isn’t, a very big deal, but this aspect of their group has been bothering me for some time. I think I’m getting … Continue reading

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PAX and stuff

Tomorrow is PAX! Big times ahead. Pat’s coming down today, and tomorrow morning we’re gonna head over the mountains and enjoy the nerdfest. The show is completely sold out in all it’s forms, and they bought the whole convention center … Continue reading

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Back home

Lauren and Yusuke brought me back to Kennewick yesterday.  They went home today.  Goodbye new girlfriend.  *tear*  I will miss you.  Oh, and seeya later Yusuke. Kim and Pat hung out with me most of today.  We chatted (I was … Continue reading

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Can’t blog, must consume internet media

The Central gang is coming back to visit in like 39 hours.  Yay!  We’ve set up Skype and webcams and stuff so I’m pretty sure I talk to them more now than before.  They’re being very nice to me. Pat’s … Continue reading

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The tick tock of the clock is painful

Lauren and Sidney have both managed to post about the nothing they’re doing, so I guess I can, too. Aaron and Kim visited yesterday, which is close to something.  Kim fell asleep pretty much immediately, but we watched Back to … Continue reading

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Time… is marching on

I made it home.  Not eventful. Kim and Aaron showed up last night.  We played Farkle with mom, except Aaron quit like a baby because it was too complicated or something.  I won that game.  Mom beat me handily twice … Continue reading

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It snowed

So I went outside with nothing but my shorts on and flexed and roared and looked primal.  Nobody was around to take pictures, though. I’m pretty alone in Anderson tonight.  The girls fled for fear of weather.  They all made … Continue reading

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Since I’ve been gone

I’ve been fairly absent for like a week, so now you get treated to the quick update post. Thanksgiving break happened. Yusuke came home with me and the dinner was just the parents and us. I think Yusuke fed himself … Continue reading

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