randomly annoying

K, you’ll have to follow the link to see the full size and actually read this, but trust me it says in the blurb,

This rapid evolution of the Y chromosome has led to a dramatic loss of genes on the Y chromosome at a rate that, if maintained, eventually could lead to the Y chromosome’s complete disappearance.

I saw this and read it cause the story itself might actually be interesting, but the blurb, in an attempt to be sensational, succeeds in being really dumb. Loss at any rate, from anything finite, will certainly eventually lead to the disappearance of that thing. Speed doesn’t matter, so mentioning this doesn’t impress upon anyone some huge loss rate. Further, they say only ‘could’, in an attempt to be more accurate (and probably cover their ass in good journalistic fashion) when, in fact, it must lead to the disappearance of the chromosome, so they actually become more wrong. Retarded!

The blurb is stolen straight from the actual article about the science, so it’s not just the fault of some random digger. Yay science journalism.  🙄

If you don’t want to take the time to read it, it basically says that the Y chromosome is shrinking, but it still exists, so scientists tested their (obvious) hypothesis that some the genes were essential and some weren’t, and thus the important ones were staying while the unimportant faded away. They found that they were right, so the fading rate will likely slow, since essential genes don’t just fade away easily. However, they say, there’s still a chance the chromosome could totally disappear eventually. Of course, anything is possible eventually. So, yeah, the title is dumb. Shocker!