Links Things I've learned Update

My internet is so slow

Personal: I’ve implemented a new comment system.  It should be all fancy and stuff.  I primarily did it so you guys could comment using your facebook as a login as opposed to registering for something new.  Hope ya’ll enjoy it.

Science: This is cool.  Just so you know, generally advances don’t come in 8 orders of magnitude steps.

Politics: Obama has a digg type system for making policy recommendations.  People can submit proposals, and vote on them, the most highly rated ones will be given in some big book to the President for consideration.  Who knows what that means but I voted up this proposal because it’s a good pro science anti nonsense proposal.  You should vote it up, too.

Charity: Freerice is onto my little game and has reduced the rice reward for answering questions with fewer options.  So, now I’m down to my old rate of donation again.  🙁

Entertainment: I listened to all the Stephen Fry podgrams.  He’s got quite the vocal and rhetorical skill.  I think he pretty much played himself in V for Vendetta.

Fitness: I have been on push-up hiatus due to a mysterious abdominal injury.  It seems to have healed now, though.  So today I did push-ups on my new swivel devices.  They make things significantly more difficult.  They, combined with degradation from my inactivity, take my count down to 40.  So that’s where I’m starting.  I plan to attempt to climb back up to 100 in 2 months.  We’ll see how feasible that pace is with these contraptions.

Conclusion: I’ve stayed up to see the sunrise.  It’s really not my fault.  The internet was so slow as to necessitate it.  If any of you Central people read this it’s ok to bang on my door around 1:30 if you want.  Extra sleep won’t kill me, I guess.

Things I enjoy Update

status report

Free weekend had I.  No homework really, yet.  Played D&D, thought about D&D, worked on D&D, read about D&D, watched movies about D&D… my 5 favorite things.  Well, not quite really, since by played I mean DM’d, but DMing is quite fun in my current situation, as well.  The gang leveled and thought they were going to defeat their arch nemesis, but were tricked by my clever placement of a different human in the dungeon.  :0

A bunch of us went swimming today.  Consequentially, I took a shower.  Strange happening was noticed recently.  It is pictured below.  There’s not a lot to see, but some of you still might not get it.  See if you can see what troubles me.

It is in a mirror... which could make it tricky

I’ll leave you all to puzzle over that.  Or at least, I think I will.  Probably totally obvious to everyone and it’s only I that would never notice if it weren’t for it being me.  /shrug

Also, listen to Stephen Fry’s podcast thing.  It’s good.  I’ve only listened to the most recent one, on language and grammar, but I suggest you check it out.  Especially you linguists out there (Donny).

I’m sure work will commence in earnest soon.  Boy how I’m looking forward to that.