Today I learned that Lauren like big, old things

I’ve not had a big update post in a while, but that’s because I’ve been busy having things to do.  Let me explain.

Mom came to visit.  Well, not really.  She came to see Tyler and Danny, and band, play.  She brought my PS3 and bought me PoP and LBP, so I’ve had new games to play in my free time.  PS3 is getting quite a bit of love.  LBP is a good game for my crowd here.  Lauren and I have beaten the main story.  The gang sorta paired off since I only have two controllers.  Anyway, we’re working on getting all the items still, which will take a while.  We explored some player made content today, which was pretty neat.

Ok, besides that, I also had a big 481 paper and presentation on Friday we were working on all week.  Well, really just Wednesday and Thursday.  We were busy working on the actual project for 481 on the other days.

Immediately after my presentation I went to Elisabeth’s with her and 7 other people.  Like, immediately.  I was still wearing that ridiculous get up they make us wear for presentations.  So, we did a lot of hanging out and whatnot at Elisabeth’s.  The guys, Hiro, Yusuke, myself, and Dan, played basketball.

On Valentine’s day each gender made food for the other.  We male’s got fish, since there’s a female veggie, and a couple other fish haters, and they chose stuffed peppers for us to make them.  In the end the division of labor was a little fuzzy, and there was quite a bit of sharing, but it was a very fancy occassion.  We had candles, and the sparkling cider, and fancy plates, and suits and ties and dresses and all that good stuff.  After that we went hot tubbing.  After that we males did pushups.  Then we watched Star Wars Episode IV.  Kinda, there were two people who watched it, and everyone else kinda watched or slept or goofed off.

There was also some incidental shopping and driving around during the Elisabeth visit.  And we all went and saw some children’s musical for some reason.  Elisabeth’s mom got us in for free.  Put on by homeschoolers, in like a church.  Yeah.  Whatever.

So, that’s pretty much the gist of what’s happened.  Had today off cause it’s a national holiday and all that.  School soon, though.  Rest of the time for me here at Central is going to be quite busy, I think, so if I dissapear from the blogosphere for a month or so, pity is the appropriate response.


I r on duty

I haven’t updated in a while for a couple reasons.  Probably the most important is that I’ve been busy.  We had a giant paper due for that capstone class I have, and I also had some programming assignments due in my other classes.  I was very productive during the beginning of this week so I’m a bit ahead now, although I still have much on the horizon.  The other reason is that my internet is so atrociously slow back in the dorm that I can’t seem to load all the WordPress stuff I need to make a new post.  Sad, ain’t it.

So what’s been happening?  I wrote a genetic algorithm.  It’s really simple, just supposed to optimize a two variable algebraic inequality, but it’s still cool, imho.  I had a bug that flummoxed me for several hours until I got Keston to look at it.  He fixed it in like 5 minutes.  So, kudos to him.  I tried to make it general, and some of that kinda went by the wayside when I hit the bugs and the deadline, but I’m hoping it’s close and can be easily adapted for alternative projects.

Lauren, keeper of the Netflix queue, has realized that I’m leaving soon, never to complain about their movie selections again, so she’s bumped up all the movies I’ve been suggesting over the year.  So we watched Equilibrium, The Professional, and soon Airplane.  Elisabeth and Sidney opted out of The Professional, which was stupid of them.  I’m very disappointed.  I was a little nervous I wouldn’t like it as much as I remembered, but I still stand by my 10 star rating on IMDB.

Funny coincidence, The Totally Rad Show that was released two days after we watched it had The Professional as their recommended Netflix rental, and Dan said he thought it was a flawless movie.  I don’t really agree with Dan’s movie taste in a lot of ways, but we’re together on that one.  Anyway, the point is, Sidney and Elisabeth are dumb for missing it, and I don’t forgive them.  And anyone who doesn’t like that movie… well, I’ve never heard of such a thing, so please explain yourself.

Pat didn’t come visit me, cause he a sucka foo, or something.  I didn’t get him anything for his bday, though, so we’ll call it even.

Helen Marie Havnaer is my friend on facebook now.  You guys remember her?  From camp that one year when I was like 12?  /shurg  Well, I do.

Tomorrow Tyler‘s band is going to play on campus.  Mom’s coming to see him, and I’ll go.  Hopefully I can get others to go.

There’s more, but I guess they’re the subject of different posts.